March Madness Conflict

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The March Madness Conflict was a conflict on CivClassic primarily between Ez2Clutch's raider crew/CivU New Vegas members and The Republic of Icenia/UDF and Coalition forces.

The conflict began when ChosenTwice defected from Mir, entering Icenia and killing BinchyMonkey, a former CivU player. Chosen was chased by a large group of PvPers toward Gensokyo, but was ultimately able to escape.

Ez2Clutch would then switch sides the next day after pearling Titan Industries CEO Naglafer in Icenia during a prot trade deal. Over the next few days fighting would take place in the streets of Icenia, Imperial Truidence, and West Isle with Icenian forces, alongside others, managing to pearl Ez2Kill.

As of late 2021, the Coalition and UDF remain a significant force on CivClassics, while none of the Ez2Crew nor former members of New Vegas are of any relevance, suggesting that the March Madness Conflict was won by Icenian/UDF/Coalition forces.