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Highroll was a player who joined during CivMC. He started by being pearled by Estalia due to drunkenness.[citation needed] After a month of being inactive, he joined Mount Augusta which he stayed in for a bit getting pearled 3 more times after these incidents he joined the nation of Yoahtl.

Late in 2022, Highroll murdered a person outside of Yoahtl[where?] which led to him being chased by the Estalian and Elysian Pact army. Following the incident, Yoahtl decided to pearl him and send his pearl to Gang Shi. He was held there for a total of 2 weeks before being freed and gaining citizenship in Pavia. After settling in the country, he met ErrorL, the leader of a for hire army and manipulated him into attacking the Imperial Federation under false pretenses.

Later, following the Purple War, he was pearled for the final time on CivMC and was supposed to be held for 1 day[citation needed], Spoonce did not keep his promise and sent his pearl to Gang Shi were he resides to this day. Highroll's story is one of many mistakes and errors but also misfortune and not really getting a fair chance to start like everyone else.