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The skin of ChrisChrispie

ChrisChrispie is the current president of The Republic of Icenia after having founded Icenia in March of 2019. ChrisChrispie is noted for regularly shopping at Sneed's Feed and Seed.

Play History

  • Intis (Civcraft 2.0, Minister of Economy, kicked out of Chanada during Titan War for supporting Carson)
  • Chanos (Civcraft 2.0, Vice President, President. Lost Civil War after Prioma's departure)
  • Kaiserin (Civcraft 2.0, Chancellor, led successful rebellion against leader and declared independence)
  • Icenia (Civcraft 2.0, Head Council Member, voted out of office)
  • Volterra/Victoria(Civcraft 2.0-3.0, absorbed citizenship, governor of Victoria in Civcraft 3.0)
  • Carpathia (CivClassic, lived with Pri, no position)
  • Icenia (CivClassic, Founder and Head of State)
  • Icenia (CivMC, Founder and Head of State)

Wars Involved In

  • Titan War (Civcraft 2.0, in support of Carson/World Police w/Chanos and Intis)
  • Chanos Civil War (Civcraft 2.0, in support of the national government)
  • Kaiserin-Volterra War (Civcraft 2.0, neutral party)
  • Icenia-New Sovia War (CivClassic, Icenia)
  • Ransakistani War (CivClassic, Icenia)
  • Columbian Bush War (CivClassic, UDF)
  • Mir-NATO (Infinity) War (CivClassic, UDF/Coalition)
  • Generic War, (CivMC, Coalition)


ChrisChrispie in CivClassic was originally anti-world police due to a longstanding gripe with Mickale after the burning of Icenia in 2.0 at the hands of the Grand Northern Alliance, which Icenia was a part of, and BritishWanderer giving Icenia to Volterra, known on CivClassic as Varkonia. In part, the UDF, which Chris helped found, was created out of a fear of Entente and their intentions in the state of Bloom after Invictus became a Varkonian citizen. Gripes on Classics also included a strong desire of Icenia to protect citizens of New Sovia, which Icenia was close to at the time. This opinion drastically changed after Ransakistan attacked Icenia and the LSD expressed interest in getting West Isle to leave the Icenian union. Chris also became increasingly concerned about Laconia, which had been buzzing the unfinished Cringe Pit Home For Troubled Youth. As a result, Icenia and the UDF as a whole, would join "The Coalition" with Entente, beat Ransakistan, and go on to beat NATO in the Infinity war, which had broadened beyond the conflict between Mir and NATO over bunkers in Mount Augusta (CivClassic) as a result of NATO's decision to accept wanted individuals like Vespasian into their armies.
Post Infinity War, Chris has maintained a dedication to World Police principles under the UDF, arguing for a "player moderated server" through pearling.

  • Anti-NATOism/Hanism
  • Semi-Democratic Republicanism
  • Sympathetic to World Police
  • Globalist
  • BGism
  • Libertarian-Right server identity
  • Anti-Communist
  • IDF Identitarian (See also: Intis, Chanadian Separatism, and BGism)