Truidencian People's Party

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The Truidenican People's Party

Det Truidenske Folkeparti
AbbreviationTPP / PP
Founded6th of July
Preceded byAll-Truidencian National People's Party (10th February to 6th July 2021)
HeadquartersPartihaugen Tower in Dol Morhen
  • Neo-Zeldrinism
  • Pan-Truidencianism
  • Populism
  • Economic Interventionism
  • State Socialism
Political positionLeft Wing
International affiliationPan-Truidencian League
SloganBezists of the world, unite!
Party flag
TPP flag.png

The Truidencian People's Party (TPP) is a political party in Imperial Truidence advocating primarily for Populism, Modernization of Truidencian Infrastructure, Bezism and Social Welfare.

The Reformation

The party was founded on the 6th of July by Zeldronix after it became clear that the ATNPP had fallen out of favour with the people when given the choice between the then newly formed religious conservative-to-reactionary ATP and the more outwardly extreme Jingoist ATNPP in a public survey conducted by himself. The party gained only one vote in the survey and it was clear that a more left wing party was needed to fill a void in the Truidencian political sphere, and Zeldronix intended to fill that void before anyone else would, while still keeping true to his devotion to Bez and many of the core policies proposed by his late party such as "The People Comes First".

Both parties share the same symbol but differs in the respective colours of their flags. White, Red and Yellow for the ATNPP, while Red and Yellow for the TPP. The colours of the ATNPP were based on the flag of Truidence, while the TPP's colours are based on the scarlet banner of the labour movement.

The People Comes First

TPP Poster

The party has a policy of "The People Comes First" With which they seek to:

  • Economically support the less fortunate citizenry of the empire.
  • Expand infrastructure to the underdeveloped provinces.
  • Unite the empire like never before via more railways and land-reclaimations of the sea (like the ones making it possible to go from Anburon to Inis Moin without anything else but your own two feet).
  • Fund the construction of new buildings dedicated to the worship of Bez, free for all to enjoy.

Immediate goals

TPP poster mocking the ATP

While not rambling about Bez the party has it’s goals. These include

  • Set a new standard for modern Truidencian architecture.
    • Connect Bezengard and Inis Móin via a new direct railway.
    • Encourage the foundation of new settlements between the two railway destinations.
    • Connect mainland Truidence to Eon with a new railway.
    • Continue building more temples, churches and holy sites in other nations.
    • Aggressively promote Truidence to attract more newfriends.
    • Supply newfriends with bountiful resources to expand the economy and workforce.
    • Invite more nations to build their embassies.
    • Build more buildings in general and hire buildfriends to help to spark a second renaissance for Truidence.
    • Continue the land-reclaimation the party has spearheaded in Dol Morhen and plan new ones to further unite the empire.
    • Enact revenge on Icenia for editing this page.


The party defines all those who are believers of The True Faith to be Truidencians, whether or not they are citizens or even live in Imperial Truidence. They wish them to eventually "return home" or make their current home a part of Truidence itself. They have given this movement the name "Pan-Truidencianism". Eon was the first Bezist nation besides Truidence and the first dominion to join Truidence, thus proving Pan-Truidencianism to be a working stratagy to expand the empire peacefully. Zeldronix and his party has taken the credit for this with being the ones who started the negotiations and being the creators of the new concept and laws of imperial dominions as part of the greater empire.