War of the Isles

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War of the Isles
Date5th August - 6th August
Colonial territory of Norlund
Result Norlish Victory

Supported by:

Commanders and leaders


Casualties and losses

Hitmehn - Pearled
Zamoradin - Pearled

Cortwade - Killed


The War of the Isles was a short-lived conflict (lasting less than a day) between the Kingdom of Norlund and the indigenous group known as Isles over the fate of the former SPQR colonies in the New world.

The Senate and People of Rome chose to abandon their beleaguered colonies in the New world, with the Treaty of Kingsluund[1] on the 3rd of August 2020. Article I of the treaty established the Roman design to “cede all Roman territory in the new world of Kingsluund to the Kingdom of Norlund”. Article II of the treaty stipulated that Norlund would “allow S.P.Q.R. to mine for tin in their claims”. This reciprocal arrangement created the foundation upon which Norlund would attempt a second colonial expedition, following the previous disaster in the Norlundic Bush War which led to the loss of all Norlish colonial possessions.

At the same time, to characterise the handover as previously uniform prior to the conflict would be misinformation. The Imperial Federation, had mistakenly believed that SPQR had wanted to hand the land over to a new world nation, and disagreed with granting land to Norlund, and took to controlling the land. Following the intervention of prawny331 at the behest of the SPQR's leader, NovaCeasar, the IF decided to allow the handover in a now deleted subreddit post[2][3]. Notable defensive infrastructure was built on the Roman claims including a bunker and snitches, which would be broken during the conflict due to miscommunication. The international reaction to this turn of events was broadly and overwhelmingly negative. The post was deleted shortly after and an apology was posted[4].

Isles attack

With this backdrop of contention over the Roman claims, Isles- a relatively new nation, had controlled some of the ex-SPQR territory following their departure, and announced they would enforce their claim and thereafter contest the Norlundic expedition. The small nation, it was widely expected, would fall to the more numerous Norlish. However the first skirmish between the two sides went extremely poorly for the Norlish. An official statement by the Minister of Interior, Cortwade, acknowledged extremely heavy casualties[5]. Okx was appointed as Minister of Defence temporarily, after Zamoradin was pearled. The remaining force was put into retreat. This was achieved by a surprising competence on the part of the Islanders alongside bunkers and traps which the defending force fell foul to. There was additional speculation over the state of Lovelessness, a fighter thought to be an alt due to the name changing recently. However, this was not proven.

Norlish counter-attack

Despite these setbacks, Yggdrasil declared war on the Isles, sending in Antea4204. Kicky, a member of Paradise, also moved in to assist. While Sesoria did not participate in the war, they opening denounce Isles actions, fully supporting Yggdrasil, Norlund and their side. An attack tunnel was constructed by Okx (Norlund, commanding), Antea4204 (Yggdrasil), and Kicky (Paradise). Minor bastion damage was done until the Isles quickly surrendered due to its inferior force.


The Isles surrendered and agreed to release all pearls, return all items including armour, swords and tools, and recognise Norlund's sovereignty over the territory.[6]