United States of Hayastan

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Map of the U.S.H.

The United States of Hayastan was a nation established on CivUniverse.


The history of the nation began on December 26th 2020, when the Ara’a tribes (Lead by Chief H4Y4ST4N) of Northern Amythria discovered Hayastan Island.

Following the settlement by the tribes, it was decided that the nation would be a confederation of semi-independent states. Each was responsible for a separate sector of the nation’s economy. The most notable of them were the states of Araratia and Trance, which were the most populous and developed. In total, the U.S.H. had 8 states. Araratia, Trance, Little Hayastan Island, Aratus, Incline Coast, Drakonia, Hellville, and the central Capital Zone. There was also a designated National Park in the North of the country which served as a reserve.

The first settlement was established on the west coast of the island. The settlers worshipped the holy God Ara’ayo, who was said to protect the island from invasion and blessed it’s soil.

In the first month, the nation was mostly a primitive wasteland. Resources were low, and a famine had hit the mainland shortly after its foundation. But this didn’t last long, as LordLostMickers (Governor of the Trance State) and his tribesmen built the first farm. This farm was the largest on the server, and covered almost 25% of the entire nation. Shortly after its establishment, the farm brought massive amounts of wealth to the nation.

The United States of Hayastan quickly transformed into a regional power, providing the the Western Hemisphere with most of its XP. It consisted of 8 semi-independent states, which all developed their own local economies and thrived.

Shortly after this acquisition of vast wealth, the construction of the “Capital Zone” began. The zone was home to a cathedral made entirely of bones, which later became known as the “Death House”. Rumor has it that this cathedral was built out of the dead corpses of passing raiders. One of the most notable being a man by the name of “Vince” who attempted to settle the area during the capital’s early construction. He and his troops attempted to occupy the area, but were quickly crushed by the honorable Lord Vah of the U.S.H. Defense Army.

The small state of Aratus was the military stronghold of the country, which held its wealth and served as the headquarters of the U.S.H. Defense Army. At the top of Mount Aratus stood the Aratus Fortress.

The most notable conflict in the nation’s history was the War of the North, in which the U.S.H. Defense forces secured the Southern coast of Sock Island from nomadic tribes, following its participation in the Amythria-Rome War.

The U.S.H. continued to develop and grow until the server’s demise in April of 2021.