Timeline of First Month

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May 28th

Launch date of June 2nd is announced, together with the official Discord.

June 1st

The AMA is launched to further inform people of the changes CivClassic would bring. [1]


First Week

June 2nd

Celoxia is pearled and subsequently released.

June 4th

Lexington, Polaris, Lotus Monastery, Melbourne, Westeros, Lenin Isle, Greenmarsh, Walt Disney World, Northland, and Savion all have publicly announced claims.

June 6th

The server is successfully relocated to Canada.

June 7th

Concord is raided for the first time, together with Luxemburg. These raids would continue over the coming weeks.[2] [3]

Saren finds his doppelganger. [4]

June 8th

Luxemburg, Pinnacle, Narkis, Kraken, Gensokyo, Normandy, Redhouse, Comixao, Aznazia, Alpoko, Commonwealth, and New Jerusalem have all publicly announced claims by this point.

ccmap.github.io launches.

Comixao moves for the first time.

Second Week

June 9th

Lexington begins to have problems electing a leader.

Yakuza Corporation announces itself as a private military company.

June 10th

Comixao moves again and merges with Oceania

Celoxia is pearled again.

June 11th

Tensions between Westeros and Yakuza rise. This begins the conflict.

DarkJesus blesses us with his presence and manly locks.

Westeros and Yakuza reach an agreement.

June 14th

First knowledge of the TKON raider group surfaces.

June 15th

Jasco's raiding group becomes prominent.

Third Week

June 16th

By this point, nations such as Vzis, New Antioch, Roma, Nevada and Polska have been announced.

Comixao's union of states is dissolved.

June 17th

SirCrowley starts raiding the Commonwealth.

June 18th

The Official Discord closes for feedback. Only approved submitters can discuss in the channel now.

June 19th

Lotus Monastery concedes its lands to Frostrock Valley.

June 20th

The West Icenia-Icenia-Vzis ruse war is started and ends.

Fourth Week

June 23rd

Greenmarsh and Pinnacle unite into the Kingdom of Verda.

June 25th

Concord is recognised as the first major abandonded settlement. It has moved away from 0,0.

June 28th

/Pol/estine is crusaded and destroyed by Wolfkhaine and its founder pearled, causing backlash from /Pol/estine's main rival, New Jerusalem.

Second Month

July 4th

Nipplerock-Hexmart war begins.[5]

Laconia-Yoahtl disputes begin having international consequences, as Hjaltland withdraws from supporting the region against raiders[6] and a coup is attempted by bgbba to oust Quauhtli Mia and WackyAki from government.