The Kidnapping of December

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The Kidnapping of December

December and January meet for a playdate
Date15th April 2021


  • Both bears returned to their homes
  • SandFalls settles out of trial
  • Augusta remains divided
 Confederation of Socialist Augusta  Mount September
Units involved
  • Mount September December
  • Mount September NebulaSSR
  • Mount September minemaster933
  • Mount September SamBonusG
  • The Kidnapping of December, also known as the Liberation of December, was a diplomatic incident that happened in April of 2021. The incident was between the CSA's PLAMA (People's Liberation Army of Mount Augusta) and the state of Mount September over the latter's alleged mistreatment of Polar Bears.

    The Incident

    In April of 2021, at seemingly random, three prominent members of the Confederation of Socialist Augusta, SandFalls, Smal, and ChocChips marched into Mount September, ranting about the freeing and liberation of bears. They proceeded to break in to the enclosure that contained December and lead him out of Mount September. The enclosure was on a property owned by SamBonusG, and after some encouragement from AmandaCC, he took it upon himself to sue SandFalls for the kidnapping. The ordeal was eventually settled out of court, and really amounted to a little bit of trolling. SandFalls paid SamBonusG two diamonds labelled "December" and "January" as reparations. They were named after the two polar bears that were involved in the incident.