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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Carbon
Main ResidenceAgotep
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms
Iterations played on• CivRealms
Miscellaneous Info

A CivRealms Wiki user page created on the user SilentHunterX in regards to his timeline, current objectives, contacts and other basic information. This user page has been authored and personalized by SilentHunterX himself.

Welcome to my page.

SilentHunterX is a Player who joined CivRealms on 25 August 2020, CivRealms was his first Civ Server. He was introduced to the CivRealms server through a Carbon Minecraft Forums thread on 10 August 2020. Subsequent to his expressed interest to this Forums thread, he encountered a server ad for CivRealms under the "Anarchy" Tag in on 25 August 2020.



SilentHunterX, originally derived from the username BountyHunterX. BountyHunterX was the username used from around early 2015 to early 2018 and was inspired by his favorite minigame at the time "Bounty Hunter". Essentially combining the names into one username with the addition of an X since the username "BountyHunter" was taken at the time and because the X represented the roman numeral for the last two digits of the year he first time played Minecraft (December 2010).

The username SilentHunterX later replaced the name when the minigame had declined and the username lost favor in his eyes.


The meaning behind the username SilentHunterX:

Silent = included in the username to represent his true identity and name (irl) to make it more personalized towards him.

Hunter = portion of the username not altered from "BountyHunterX"; it was a portion of the name he still favored. In addition to this, it helped capture the timeline of his username in reverse chronological order:

Present → Historical → Origin

Silent → Hunter → X

X = representing the last two digits of the year he was introduced to Minecraft in Roman Numerals (2010).


The alias Silent is the most common and preferred nickname used to refer to SilentHunterX. It is the short version of his username and is his real life first name.

The alias Guest is another commonly used nickname used in reference to SilentHunterX's other usernames outside of Minecraft.


Bountied Origins

SilentHunterX joined the CivRealms 2.0 server for the first time on 25 August 2020. Having little understanding about the concepts in CivRealms, he decided to take notes on some tutorials to get started on the server. With the basic understanding of the advancement concepts taken from the server provided tutorial and u/convoy's and u/axusgrad's CivRealms walkthrough, SilentHunterX ventured through parts of the main continent (unknown which parts) looking to discover ores and a place to settle. In his first venture,