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This page explains Civ-specific jargon, slang, and abbreviations.

Land Protection

  • Reinforce: To protect a block from being broken or used without permission.
  • Reinforcement: The material used to reinforce a block. Usually stone, iron ingots, or diamonds.
  • Snitch: A reinforced noteblock or jukebox that allows the owning player to be notified of and to log player behavior within the area around them.
  • Acid blocking: Reinforcing using a special block (typically gold) in order to remove other reinforced blocks without needing to break them the normal number of times. Typically used for griefing cleanup or removing unused structures.
  • Bastion: A special type of block that provides a protective effect over a wide area. As a verb, it means to protect something with the range of a bastion block. Typically comes in two kinds: Vault Bastion and City Bastion.
  • City Bastion: A type of Bastion that generally offers a wide area of protection but weaker protections than a Vault Bastion. Normally disallows players without permission from reinforcing blocks in its covered zone.
  • Vault Bastion: A type of Bastion that generally offers a small area of protection but stronger protections than a City Bastion. Normally disallows players without permission from using ender pearls and placing blocks in its covered zone.


  • Shop chest: A chest configured with ItemExchange. Left-click with empty hand to cycle through possible trades, and left-click with an item to perform the current trade.
  • Factory: A crafting station that allows for the mass production of items, as well as recipes for normally uncraftable items. Factories are typically specialised to an area of production, such as “Iron Tools” or “Redstone Mechanics.”
  • Compacted: Description for items that are “compacted.” A compacted item equals a stack of uncompacted items. For example, a compacted item of ender pearls is equivalent to 16 ender pearls, and a compacted item of dirt is equivalent to 64 dirt. Bulk raw materials are typically traded in compacted quantities.
  • Crate: Disposable item used to compact a stack of items in a compactor.
  • ci: Quantity abbreviation for a compacted item, equivalent to a stack of its uncompacted form. Example — “32ci of clay blocks” — 32 compacted items of clay blocks, equivalent to 32×64 clay blocks.
  • cs: Abbreviation for a stack of compacted items, equivalent to a stack of stacks of the uncompacted form. Example — “2cs of clay blocks” — 2 compacted stacks of clay blocks, equivalent to 2×64×64 clay blocks.
  • i: Abbreviation for iron ingots, in the context of trade. Example — “this costs 10i” — the item costs 10 iron ingots
  • d: Abbreviation for diamonds, in the context of trade. Example — “that costs 20d” — the item costs 20 diamonds
  • dc/sc: Abbreviation for a double chest or a single chest of items respectively, in the context of trade. 1dc is equivalent to 54 stacks of items, and 1sc is equivalent to 27 stacks of items. Not to be confused with compacted items or compacted stacks

Combat Infrastructure

  • DRO/IRO/SRO: Abbreviation for diamond/iron/stone reinforced obsidian respectively. Typically used in secure structures, or to annoy other players with hard-to-remove blocks.
  • Rings: Obsidian trenches, usually IRO but sometimes SRO, which surround a vault spike and are used to defend against a ground-based assault.
  • Skybunker: An obsidian bunker, usually above a vault, used to defend against skybridges.
  • Spike: A line through the obsidian pyramid at the center of a vault, diamond reinforced on a separate shared group, to allow sharing access to the chest containing pearls.
  • Vault: A giant, reinforced obsidian structure which is used to securely hold pearls. These are the basis of warfare and are how people hold prisoners of war. Can also refer to just the DRO pyramid in its center. Not suited for storing items, for that see Chest Vault.
  • Trench: Used for protection of cities and vaults. Dug very deeply, often to bedrock, and bastioned to prevent bridging, so that access to the contained area can be tightly controlled.
  • Pot bunker: An IRO or DRO room made to enable people to heal, repair armor, and get new pots during fighting outside of a vault.


  • Delusional: Slang commonly used to imply that the speaker thinks the person being described is making fictional things up in their head and treating them as true.
  • Dotposting (.): A period on its own used as slang, indicating that the speaker things the replied-to content is regrettable or stupid.
  • F: Slang reference to “F to pay respects”, usually used to indicate that the speaker is ironically paying their respects to someone.
  • Hsm: Slang abbreviation for “wholesome.”
  • L/Taking an L: Slang used to describe when the speaker believes that someone has “lost;” i.e. they have lost in a war or they have lost something due to their own error.
  • Mineman/eLegos/Civman: Slang description used to refer to Minecraft or Civ.


  • Bot: An account running an automated script designed to perform resource gathering tasks, such as farming, mining, or clearing land.
  • Chest vault: A secure arrangement featuring numerous reinforced chests, strategically spread to hinder raiding by increasing the time required to break multiple chests, thereby discouraging illegitimate acquisition of stored valuables.
  • Dropchest: A concealed chest located in the stone layer, distanced from civilization to safeguard wealth from raiding. It can also facilitate trading when shared with another player.
  • ExilePearl/EP: A lore-embedded enderpearl restraining its occupant from PvP, logging into alternate accounts, entering bastion fields, or approaching the pearl within a distance of 1000m.
  • Grief: The deliberate placement or destruction of unsightly blocks to deface a structure or area, typically undertaken to inflict damage easily.
  • Hiddenore: A plugin responsible for randomly generating ores upon breaking stone blocks, aiding in preventing x-ray and enabling admins to adjust ore distribution.
  • Obby bomb: Covering something that doesn't belong to you in SRO, as a form of griefing. Often used to refer to a hostile entity placing significant amounts of obsidian on a city.
  • POS: "Pearl on sight", used to mark a player as a criminal or threat.
  • PrisonPearl/PP: A lored enderpearl binding its contained player to the End dimension.
  • Raider: A player who is known for murdering or stealing, usually by breaking into chests.
  • Waterbomb: Covering land that doesn't belong to you in a large wall of water, as a form of griefing. Typically done outside of cities, covering large swaths of countryside so as to avoid bastions. Waterbombs may prove difficult to prosecute, as the method of attack involves avoiding snitches.


  • Gear/geared: Items required for combat, which are prot, pots, pearls, and enchanted swords.
  • Kiting: Using speed potions to travel quickly across the map while in a combat situation, usually to retreat with pearled players.
  • Layers: The number of layers of DRO in a vault spike. A "30 layer" vault spike means one has to mine through 30 pieces of DRO to access the pearl chest.
  • Pots: Potions used in combat loadouts, such as Health, Speed, Regen, Strength, etc.
  • Prot pinata: A player wearing prot who can’t fight well and just takes hit after hit before dying and losing all gear to the enemy.
  • Prot/ProtIV/Prot4: A full set of Protection IV enchanted diamond armor, usually with other useful enchants. This is the minimum requirement to be effective in PvP. Can be seen as threatening depending on the player in question.
  • Skybridge: A bridge in the sky used to break bastions without having to break through the rest of the vault defenses so that attackers can focus on pearling the defenders and mining through the spike.
  • Junk Prot/Trash prot/Fake prot: Any enchanted diamond armor that isn’t Prot IV used to bluff when the potential attacker is afraid that it might be actual Prot IV.
  • Vaulting someone: Putting someone's pearl into your Vault.
  • Logbox: Box of reinforced blocks, usually obsidian around the coordinates of a player who logged out.


  • Civball: User-generated visual art, typically manifesting as online comics or single art pieces, where nations/civs are personified as (typically) spherical personas decorated with their nation/civ's flag. Similar to Polandball but the name is a variant adapted to this comunity.Squareblob and Metriximor are notable artists of civball art in the civ community.
  • Claim: Either referring to a land claim (of a nation), or a demand for reparations from someone (as in "Claims post"/"Post claims on me").
  • Crayon Claim: Excessively large land claim that is not enforced in-game, either by new nations out of poor judgement, or by established nations for greed or provocation.
  • EOTW: End of The World. Refers to the end of a Minecraft server.
  • Gank: Surprise attack, usually with an advantage on the attackers side, both in skill and numbers.
  • HCF: Hard Core Factions, the gamemode of a popular PvP server whose members invaded Civcraft.
  • Newfriend: New player who does not know much about Civ.
  • Mediumfriend: Player who knows about civ mechanics and has played for a few months but is not jaded enough to be a oldfriend.
  • Oldfriend: Experienced player who has been playing Civ servers for several years.
  • OMN: Nation that is inhabited by one person only (One Man Nation).
  • Pearled or Permapearled or Perma: Pearled means being imprisoned inside of a pearl, adding "perma" or by itself means being pearled permanently.
  • Proof: Used by individuals who believe themselves to be innocent against accusations of shittery, often asking if there is any basis behind the accusation.
  • Shitter: Players who do shitty things ingame and add nothing to the community. Can also be used as an adjective.
  • SOTW: Start of The World. Refers to the start of a new Minecraft server.
  • Superfriend: A server helper that has some admin powers but unlike an admin can still play on the server, usually involved in moderation of the civ community.
  • World Police or Weepee: Self-appointed PvP group or alliance often interfering in international politics. Often shortened to WP.

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