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Botting is automated resource gathering, usually done using Macromod, but other bot frameworks are used too. Historically botting is the result of requiring enormous amounts of crops to make experience, combined with the hands-off admin policy on CivCraft.

Botting Rules

Bots and mods are generally allowed as long they adhere to vanilla Minecraft behavior and work by the following rules:

• Bots and mods must follow all vanilla behavior including but not limited to: Physics, Occlusion, Movement, etc.

• Bots and mods may not be used to discover information that would be otherwise unknown

CivMC Discord Rules, CivMC's Discord

We allow players to use MacroMod or other mods/clients to automate ingame tasks and you may use any external framework to communicate with and coordinate your bots.

All bots must adhere to the following rules:

  • Bots are allowed to read any inventory, their selected hot bar slot, their own location, their health, their hunger, their potion effects, their EXP, their boss bar, chat messages, kick reasons, player logins/logouts, the tab list and nothing else
  • Reading environmental data in particular is not allowed. This includes the location of any entities and any blocks
  • You are only allowed to read server provided chat messages, not ones generated by client side mods

CivClassic rules, Botting, accessed February 2020

Recommended Mods (1.18.2)

  • js-macros is a Fabric mod that allows scripting in JavaScript (or Python2, Python3, Lua, Ruby, Groovy, Kotlin and WASM with extensions)

Script collections


Macromod allows you to bind chat commands and scripts to keyboard keys, mouse buttons and custom menus. Although Macromod will not be updated to the latest Minecraft versions anymore, you can still connect to the server with a 1.12 client with Macromod installed, to benefit from the many existing scripts made for it.

Installing Macromod

  1. Download and install LiteLoader
  2. Download Macromod and move the .jar file to your .minecraft/mods/ folder

Learning Macromod

Macromod Script Collections


Since rendering the game is quite expensive and some bots need to run all day, people created Minecraft clients that run from the console/terminal/command line:

List of other clients.

Farming Methods

Before building Redstone-powered farms, ensure they do not exceed redstone chunk limits (water streams can often be used as a replacement).


Obsidian generator

Due to the SimpleAdminHacks plugin, Obsidian can be generated using String and Lava. An ideal place to set up such an Obsidian generator is between several cave spider spawners. Hooking those up to an automatic system killing the spiders and moving the String to a bot player allows generating large amounts of obsidian automatically.

Example setup, script, and usage instructions.

Portal Farms

Although there is no Nether dimension, Nether portals still spawn Pigmen. This can be used to make AFK gold farms by surrounding the player with lots of portals and putting open trapdoors on their bottom edges, allowing the Pigmen to walk and fall down into a water collection and killing system. Note that mob AI is disabled for entities more than 10 blocks away from the player, so only portals within that range will be effective.