Odresh-Phylon Conflict

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Odresh-Phylon Conflict
Skyrail at Phylon.png
Odresh's rail approaching Phylon, as viewed from the ocean below
DateDecember 21st-22nd, 2018
Phylon, Odresh
Result Phylon repulses Odreshi raid
Odresh Flag1.png Odresh Phylon
Commanders and leaders

Odresh Flag1.png Lokilog

Odresh Flag1.png Crusher6581
Units involved
2 fighters 4 fighters
Casualties and losses
1 pearled, sentenced to 2 weeks prison pearl 3 health potions and a few noteblock snitches

The Odresh-Phylon Conflict refers to an Odreshi raid in Phylon and the resulting skirmish between Pylonian and Odreshi forces in Odresh City, as well as the events and politics in the days before and after the battle.


Odresh had been founded in September 2018, and were hoping to join the NCA along with their homeland, Okashima. To do this, construction of a railway to connect the new settlement of Odresh City (OC) to the Great Overland Railway (GOR). The planned route of this rail went through the nation of Phylon, which Odresh believed to be long inactive. They had little knowledge about who owned the land, and given that it was not on any the past few claims maps, they saw no problem with using it a stopping point for the rail. After a few months of work, a connection from OC to Phylon was completed in December 2018, and plans were put forward to continue to the next inland on the way to the GOR. A little after this, the citizens of Odresh voted 4-2 to annex Phylon, and a public post was put up on the subreddit. Seeing that there was no rebuttle to this, only a vague threatening comment from Olivay that was taken as a joke, Odresh assumed that no one contested their claim.


First Contact

On December 21st, while checking up on the Phylon end of the rail Lokilog, FAR of Odresh, discovered a snitch had been placed. Upon breaking it, he saw that the snitch had been placed by Olivay, reinforced to to a Tel Aviv group. Crusher6581, Deputy FAR at the time, contacted Olivay about the snitch, who explained that Phylon was in fact active. He demanded that they not go to the island, under threat of pearling, and announced closed borders on the subreddit.

Odresh Attempts to Assert Control

Lokilog and Crusher believed that Olivay's claims to Phylon were invalid. Most structures on the island had been broken into, and the whole place seemed abandoned. For Olivay to claim it, they reasoned, would be holding on to land he wasn't actually using. With the unofficial backing of Okashima, they were overconfident, so the FAR and his Deputy went to Phylon, as a way of asserting what they believed was their rightful control over the island in defiance of Olivay's announcement of closed borders. But this simple stroll around the island quickly turned into a raid, with the two of them breaking into buildings popping chests, and breaking snitches. But when they noticed Olivay online, they quickly returned to the surface and dropchested their valuables. In the end, the only items of value that were taken from the island were three health pots.

Phylon Retaliates

Mere minutes after returned to OC, Olivay and three others were spotted tripping snitches on the rail. Lokilog and Crusher fled, but Crusher was caught and pearled. Lokilog took refuge in the community center and logged out, where the attackers build a logbox to trap him inside.

Okashima and Vinland Respond

By this point, Odresh alerted their friends in Okashima and Vinland, who began the journey to Odresh to free Lokilog and secure the town. However, because of the speed at which things were developing, the resulting panic, and the fact that Odresh was desperate for help, the full situation was not properly conveyed. This led the friendly forces to believe that Phylon had attacked unjustly, a miscommunication that would force tough questions after the fact. After a few hits from both sides, Olivay's force dispersed while Lokilog was freed from the logbox. He then fled by water to the GOR, and took refuge in NYC.


Public Reaction

Posts were made to the subreddit declaring Crusher pearled and Lokilog wanted, while a PR battle was being fought in the comments. Odresh tried to clarify that their friends had acted without all the facts in an attempt to lessen the negative public response. Later, Neosaur made a post clarifying Okashima's involvement, but this too was met with scrutiny.

Trial and Sentencing

Once things had begun to calm down, Lokilog, Crusher, and Olivay brought in Askedar, a judge from MtA, to oversee a trial. Lokilog and Crusher were sentenced to 2 weeks in the end, and they were to return all stolen items, as well as provide compensation for broken reinforcements. However, besies the aforementioned health potions, the other damages were nothing more than a few noteblocks and blocks of stone.

Effect on Odresh

This conflict send Odresh into its first real period of inactivity, and the nation lay more or less dormant for the next few months. It completely halted the nation's rail project, and in general, dealt a major hit to the nation's morale.

The logbox as seen in 2021

Looking Back

Soon after the raid, the old community center, now inside a logbox, was torn down, and the logbox itself was turned into a memorial, a reminder of what happens when one is careless and foolish. This memorial still stands today, next to the new, much better built community center. Since almost immediately after Phylon's retaliatory strike, Lokilog and Crusher have expressed deep regret. Lokilog considers it to be the worst mistake of his civ career, and included an apology in his quitting post in January

However, with the wound growing old after over a year of silence from both sides, Crusher approached Olivay in January 2020, asking for permission to use Phylon's farms with the promise that they would make no modifications or take anything, other than what they collect from the farms other than farms themselves. Much to their surprise, Olivay agreed, allowing them access for two months. Later, the island was given to Adina by Olivay. Upon hearing word of this, Odresh worked with the central Yoahtl government to purchase the land for a final price of 188 diamonds, 64 of which would come from Odresh as the terms for placing the land under their jurisdiction.