Not A Grape

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Not_A_Grape in Prussian officer skin.
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsPrussia
Known ForFormer Prussian Minister of Resources
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, German (limited)
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on

Not_A_Grape (also known as Kael NotAGrape, Kael or incorrectly as Grape/The Grape) is a Civcraft oldfriend and the successor account to the player, Kaelthas88. Kael joined the Civ related servers during Civcraft 1.0 in Spring 2012. He spent his initial time on the 1.0 server playing solo and constructing settlements in the +,+ quadrant. After a multi-month hiatus, Kael was inducted as a Prussian citizen by Gezoerksel and 3scape7heLake in January 2013 after being mistaken for a griefer in the city of Danzig. Kael spent the remainder of his time on Civcraft 1.0 contributing to Prussian industry and constructing the island palace in Danzig.

A 4K screenshot of the unfinished Holy Krautchan Empire cathedral at the end of Civcraft 2.0 of which Kael served as principle designer.

Kael would continue to play as part of Prussian during Civcraft 2.0. He served as Prussian Minister of Resources from September 2013 until the dissolution of the formal Prussian Government at the end of Civcraft 2.0 in January 2016. As a member of the Prussian Government, he served as a princely elector of the Holy Krautchan Empire. Kael was one of the principle architects/designers of the Prussian capital city of Breslau. Notable projects on which he served as lead designer include: the Breslau cathedral, Breslau royal gardens, Breslau train station (lower level), Breslau nether terminus, SMS Neu Salzburg frigate, Breslau university clocktower, Breslau stables and the Holy Krautchan Empire cathedral. Projects on which he served as a major contributor include: the Breslau opera house, Breslau royal palace and Breslau rathaus. Kael has also assisted with commission work such as the design of the New Danzilonan city hall as part of the Prussian architectural firm, Baukunst. As former Minister of Resources, Kael is one of the greatest contributors to the Prussian economy.

Kael is one of the leading voices in Prussian internal affairs. He is one of the more aloof members of the former Prussian Government and has historically preferred to spend the majority of his time working on projects within Prussian territory.

Kael is the designer and builder of the Buddhist temple of Setsurakuji hidden in the southernmost ice mountain biome in Civclassics 2.0.

Kael is one of the founders of the Church of t.


  • The name Not_A_Grape was inspired by an absurdist inside joke originally told to the Prussian Gezoerksel in which Kael requested others to "ask if I am a grape" to which he would flatly reply "No." This classic exchange is known to have spawned other Minecraft account names owned by other Prussians.
  • Kael is Civcraft's leading expert in erotic horticulture.