Commune d'Athena

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The Commune
Location2404, -6160
National anthemLa Marseillaise de la Commune

La Commune d'Athena, or colloquially the Commune, was an anarcho-communist Commune located between Agotep, I.C.O.R. and Amaryllis. As of 28 Oct 2019, five citizens resided in the Commune. The Commune ran on a basic principle of mutual help e.g. one helping another knowing they will be helped if needed. There is no one in the Commune higher than anyone else. The Commune was responsible for such contributions as the League of Imperiled Nations.


On October 23rd 2019, JesstheFish left the Varathian capital of Olendor disillusioned, hoping to create a new settlement that would aim at helping anyone. She went to 2404, -6160 and erected an obelisk on the river's shore. There she established a small fortification called Fort Eve and nearby she built the town's eventual meeting hall. This was the start of the Commune, and it steadily began to grow.

However, as the weeks drew by, the Commune's growth slowed. With the lack of access to an aquanether or any valuable goods, the Commune dwindled, and on November 23rd 2019, the territory was formally given to Wheatistan, who established a new town which would come to be known as Tel Adam. The obelisk and fountain still remain as testaments to the Commune.

The Varathian Commune

There is a second Commune d'Athena located in Varathia, near Olendor. It hosts at least 5 members, and while it upholds the imagery of the original commune, the second Commune bears no claim or affiliation to the original.