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Conqui was a short lived one man nation on the east coast of the main continent of CivRealms 2.0. It was founded around early October of 2019 and lasted for about a month, before its founder, TopHatOfGold, sold off all its land to Tenochtitlan and quit the server for a couple of months before returning as a Varathian citizen.[1] The ruins of Conqui's capital were used in late October as a base of operations for TTastic, as he was founding the city of Alexandria.[2]



A picture of the ruins of Conqui. The two houses in the front are the ones TTastic used when he settled the area

Conqui was founded by TopHatOfGold, who had been living in Varathia before he ventured off to create Conqui. He settled just south of where modern Alexandria would later be built, and made multiple stone houses in his town. The exact date of Conqui's founding is unknown, but according to TopHatOfGold, it was founded in October of 2019.[1]

Sale to Tenochtitlan

Around the end of October, TopHatOfGold was approached by members of Tenochtitlan, who wanted to buy his land. He ended up selling the land, but quit the server before he ever got paid. He would later return to the server again, and live as a citizen of Varathia.[1]

Founding of Alexandria

The sign marking the founding of Alexandria

After the sale to Tenochtitlan, Conqui was abandoned. However, on the 30th of October, 2019, TTastic, another Varathian citizen, arrived in the area, and used the ruins of Conqui as his base of operations to found the city of Alexandria.[2] After a couple of days, TTastic moved a bit further north, to the bay of Alexandria, and built the first buildings that became the modern city of Alexandria. The ruins of Conqui would later become known to most Alexandrians as "Old Alexandria".


As part of the project to turn Conqui into a museum, a fence has been constructed around the ruins

Today, the ruins of Conqui are still preserved, and the sign and chests placed by TTastic are still there. There is also an ongoing project, led by noahravn, to turn the ruins into a sort of museum, so their history doesn't get lost.