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Skin of UnknownOreo1996
Personal Info
Known ForFounded Fellowship, Discord, Best Korea, Endship (sovietship), and New Aristopolis
Main ResidenceFellowship/Mount Augusta in 2.0/Discord
Known Spoken LanguagesAmerican English
Political IdeologySocial Libertarian/Authoritarian
ProfessionsPolitician, Maester of the Maester Alliance
Civ Servers
Iterations played on
Redditl3oat H3XAG0NS
Known Altslelmanster, 0_copperfield, Provocant

A longtime player of civ important in founding many settlements. Joined the Maesters in Civcraft 2.0 swearing an oath on the 30th of June "third year"[1] has has written many books during their civ career[2].


One of the founders of Fellowship also setup Discord an experimental town using land ceded from Fellowship, and Endship a town of Fellowship in the End[3]. After an invasion on Aristopolis UnknownOreo1996 formed New Aristopolis but this lead to Unknown being pearled[4]. Was involved with Best Korea 3.0 on CivTemp, it suffered a demise after "Murder/Griefing"[5]. Plays with the alt Provocant[6] on CivRealms 2.0 and is a member of Zen.