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Karadzic, also known as Ryan and R509, is a player and Channer, having joined during the recruitment drive of Viridian and Intis in August/September 2014. He mostly was on hiatus for Civcraft 3.0, having given up on it based on its "unplayable status" day one, and not returning later, having heard it was shit. He returned at the beginning of Devoted, notably as the leader of the Byzanchan Empire. He briefly played CivClassic, but was deterred by the lack of a stable chan nation. He joined when Konigsberg was attempting to establish itself, and with the relative stability and success of the Chanseatic State, he played there and attempted to form a settlement.

Karadzic was part of the IDF, a group consisting of Prioma, Nes2, ChrisChrispie, and IrishCeasar that would eventually form Chanos in Civcraft 2.0. Prioma and ChrisChrispie would go on to become major figures in the Republic of Icenia on Civclassic.