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Activity level30 at its peak, 3 at the end
Capital cityLynchwood
• President
Foundation dateDecember 2014
Preceded byIntis Defense Force, Clacton, Motherbase, Königsberg

Chanos was a sovereign nation in the extreme -,+ on Civcraft 2.0, founded as a "chan state" by Chanadian exiles. Remote and home to a diverse and somewhat inhospitable landscape, and settled largely by players with reputations as rogues and rebels, the country was wracked by conflict for most of its history.



Chanos was formed by NES2, ThatBeamishGuy, and Irish_Caesar after their exile from Chanada as part of the IDF-Chanadian conflict. Upon finding a remote, untouched location, the three agreed to lead the country together, and set to work bringing in newcomers from 8chan and 4chan. In this time, the towns of Syracuse, the original capital, Lynchwood, and New Zeon were plotted and settled, with Irish_Caesar leading New Zeon, and NES2 leading Lynchwood. Syracuse quickly became abandoned after it was decided that Lynchwood was in a better location.

To the south of Lynchwood lay two mountainous islands, one of which was settled and abandoned by an earlier civilization. The settlement on the mountain was named Mt. Alle, and together with Lynchwood and Syracuse, made up the province of Mire.

Lynchwood sat over a rather wealthy diamond vein, and almost immediately after the town was plotted, the citizens went to work extracting it from the earth, using the diamonds to fund factories and gear for themselves.

However, disagreements over the direction of leadership arose. ThatBeamishGuy and Irish_Caesar were viewed as too vacant and distant to lead, and a civil war arose between NES2 and the two of them. The majority of the populace sided with NES2, and the triumvirate was overthrown, replaced with a confederacy.


A more democratic form of government was instituted, and towns, when given a sizable enough population, could petition to become independent states within the nation. Because of this, two other towns arose; Toulouse, plotted by tsxc93 in the center of the country, and Truso, plotted by Rhotus in the extreme north. Toulouse was, when completed, to replace Lynchwood as the capital, however, the building style proved too cumbersome to duplicate, and tsxc93 lost interest. Truso originally started as an outpost and mining colony to ensure territorial integrity, but grew when members of Anonyme Sans Frontieres settled it as well. During this time, a rail line between Aeon and Lynchwood was created, largely being mined by BasedNigelFarage.

A small conflict erupted between a group of settlers on Chanos soil and the Chanos military, but was quickly negotiated when Chanos agreed to maintain their territorial integrity in return for granting the settlers autonomy, creating Raptoria as a province within Chanos.

Prioma, who had paid off a bounty owed to Chanada from the IDF conflict, was chosen to lead the confederacy twice in a row by the populace. ChrisChrispie was chosen by the citizens of Lynchwood to lead, and Rhotus was chosen by the citizens of Truso. Prioma led until her resignation, in which her vice president, ChrisChrispie assumed power, much to the chagrin of the populace, which had, at the start of the city, required Chris to speak only with signs placed on the ground.

Civil War and Downfall

Due to conflicts over resources and rising tensions between what was seen as Truso eclipsing Lynchwood as the predominant city within the country, Truso, in Rhotus's absence, declared independence from Chanos, branding itself as a Free City. As this was happening, Raptoria found itself divided in its own civil war, with those wanting independence fighting those who thought it best to stay within Chanos. Both revolts lasted for a week, with Raptoria's ending once the loyalist faction won.

However, the greater Chanosian conflict came to a head when ChrisChrispie sent an envoy into Truso in combat gear, who was then attacked and pearled due to the citizen's confusion. In response, Chris called in bounty hunters to try to establish control, leading to a large loss of gear from the Truso military. In response, Truso organized a raiding party, looting the remnants of Raptoria and sacking Lynchwood, burning and lavaing buildings.

After this conflict, Chanos's wealth, much of which was stored under Mt. Alle, was griefed by an acquaintance of ChrisChrispie's, leaving the country destitute.

Negotiations were then opened, and ChrisChrispie was exiled from the country, with Rhotus being made leader of Chanos. However, by this time, the nation was poor, its citizens leaving, and the diamond mines tapped; the nation never recovered. Apart from minor skirmishes with settlers on its land, nothing noteworthy happened after this conflict.


Chanos largely pursued a policy of political isolationism, doing its best to avoid external conflicts. Economically, the country was a net importer, failing to produce XP and unable to create infrastructure due to the volatile leadership. There was open hostility with Chanada for nearly all of its existence, but the country had decent relations with Etherium, Cascadia, Accord, and Thule. Culture was highly prized as well, and members were encouraged to create works of inspirational literature to spread around the world such as the famous book "Nes2 gets poo'd". Chanos also participated in the defense of Playpen, due to their dislike of Hantzu and Titan.

A strict code of conduct was imposed on visitors. Catpeterism, feminism, transgenderism, and other forms of degeneracy were grounds for expulsion.


  • Community Committee Club: Dedicated to the preservation of Chanos's Southern heritage
  • Anonyme Sans Frontieres: Paramilitary organization

Towns and Landmarks

  • Lynchwood: The largest and best-developed city within Chanos.
  • Lynchwood Holocaust Museum: Dedicated to the six gorillion, may the goyim never forget. Also has a rare glass sculpture designed by Anita Sarkeesian.
  • Truso: Second-largest city within Chanos. More rural and fortress-like in appearance, in contrast to Lynchwood's urban design.
  • Syracuse: Original capital of Chanos, abandoned due to an undesirable location.
  • Principality of New Zion: Created to be a home to 4chan's /mu/ board. Was a small town to the north of Lynchwood. Later operated as a chicken and dark oak farm.
  • Mt. Alle: A mountain settlement adjacent to Lynchwood. Used as a bunker and to provide food.
  • Sheepwreck: An incomplete replica of the White Gold Tower from Oblivion from before Chanos was created. A tall, white cylinder of wool with a nearby village.
  • Toulouse: Created to be the future capital of Chanos. Designed to look like the French city of the same name.
  • Al_Thunder's castle: Was never named, but a large, elaborate castle was created to the west of Toulouse and to the north of Lynchwood.
  • Raptoria: A mountainside settlement created near Invicta.