Imperial Federation attempted coup d'etat

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Imperial Federation coup d'etat attempt
Date18 July 2023 - 28 July 2023

The Imperial Federation coup d'etat attempt was an attempt on CivMC by SlothInASuit to remove the democratically elected government of the Imperial Federation via a military coup.

On 27 July 2023, JoelThaTroll - a conspirator of the coup - was pearled by Defence Minister Dcruzyx and bounties were set on SlothInASuit, Zombie_Striker and _Caddywomper_.

SlothInASuit was determined to continue and start up coup again when he was able to log in after a ban. On 4 August 2023, HassDaMahn neogtiated with SlothInASuit to resolve the conflict just before Vanaheim State seceded from the Imperial Federation in the beginning of the Secession Crisis.