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Avila is a town in the state of Nalora on the very north part of the island, it has 3 citizens by the time of July 7th, 2023. Avila is currently under construction and has 1 hotel thats in buisness, one unfinished cafe, 2 residential homes (1 is claimed), and an under construction main plaza. The mayor of Avila is Ghas__, who is also a senator of Nalora, one notable fact about Avila is that they host a snowball war every friday, where you cannot leave nalora and just throw snowballs at eachother for a long time until you surrender. Avila is newfriend friendly and the mayor has goals to make Avila as safe, cheap, and newfriend friendly as possible, along with giving citizens the chance to get good jobs and make lots of profit.

View of Avila (completed version in creative server)