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The Bully Hunters Organization also known as TBHO is a group of players dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity on the CivClassic server. They have no claims and hail from various nations, but are united through their goals.


The Bully Hunters Organization (TBHO) was founded during the Acadia-TNSC war by Gregy165, although it took a couple of days before he opened it to other members. During the first few hours of its existence, members were let in without applications based on whether or not they were trusted by others. Among these were hockey238, who helped shape the discord, WNS2, IKEA_REFRIGERATOR, and Hitmehn. After things were slightly more organized, the organization started voting on members democratically.

The number of bully hunters quickly swelled with the more focused application process, although the number of new applications eventually fell. However this did not slow down the progress the bully hunters were making. The next couple days saw the rapid construction of a HQ in Icenia (Designed by WNS2 and built by Gregy165 and several others (Feel free to put your name here if this was you)), as well as the writing of a charter and the creation of more standardized applications for various requests, such as pleas for help.


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Locations and Reaching out


TBHO currently has headquarters in the following nations:

These headquarters serve mainly as in-game rallying points for the bully hunters, however there are also some shops within them where people can buy various commodities, such as XP products and beacons. They are usually built in the style of the city, adding to the nations where they are built aesthetically, economically, and in providing stability.

Reaching out

TBHO is best contacted through their discord, which is found Here. Alternatively, DMing a bully hunter in-game with a request should get it forwarded on to the rest of the organization, although they may still request that you join the discord.