The Lovelace Company

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The Lovelace Company was a privately owned business operating primarily in the +,- quadrant. Owned and headed by OwainX, The Lovelace Company was responsible for numerous projects within Acadia and operated numerous agricultural facilities to supply it's XP production ventures.

The Lovelace Company was founded in Lovelace, Babbage, Acadia soon after the great migration of Acadia to it's present home. The Lovelace Company's initial operations were focused around building the city of Lovelace and the Babbage road network. The Lovelace Company's first shops were opened in the Lovelace Canal District while development throughout Babbage focused on attracting new citizens by offering subsidized homes and land.

In June of 2021 The Lovelace Company posted claims for the territory of Vestlige, west of Acadia. This territory, governed directly by The Lovelace Company features the city of Stallman which was planned to be a retail destination with a focus on free trade. After Owain´s departure from the server, Vestlige was annexed by Acadia as a protectorate and the Lovelace Company has gone inactive.