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Miloski in March 23 2022
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsTalmberg
Known ForEmber Valley's namesake
Main ResidenceTalmberg/Nomadic

Miloski is a Civ player known for being the first man burned alive at Ember Valley in Vintage Civ. The embers that remained from his smoldering corpse is where the city gets its name. After his recovery and release, Miloski explored the world, living a nomadic lifestyle. Yet his crime ridden history and lifestyle in Vintage Civ he is still a relatively respected player. [1][2]

He was notable in March 2022 for heavily updating CivWiki's pages on Vintage Civ, perhaps being the iteration's primary historian.

Past Crime


After exploring the server's map for a while, Miloski came across the then-unnamed settlement of Ember Valley sometime in early-to-mid February 2022. After sleeping in the public access tavern at the front he decided to steal from one of the stone houses in the valley, stealing a chisel most notably. He went on to also steal a large amount of firewood from a hole in the ground to sell to a nearby trader. After the first couple days Toobke logged on and Miloski logged off as soon as he saw them join the server. Later, he joined and realized he was trapped in the tavern with the windows blocked with stone and him having no tools on him, had to break out. Using the resources available he climbed up to the ceiling and broke through the reinforced shingle blocks. After breaking out he broke into Misirat's house and burned part of the unreinforced parts down. After being caught and killed he kept respawning nearby in the traders bed. The respawn point was glitched and respawning there meant you respawned several blocks in front of it. After dying a few times Toobke found where he was spawning and trapped him in a stone box. Miloski stayed there for a few IRL days before having a trial aswell as a execution on February 19 2022. Several people went to the event to see the execution and trial. The event marked the point where the settlement was officially dubbed Ember Valley. After being released he went on to break into RogerV's house westward.

Other Robberies

After a while living in a small camp 500 blocks away from Ember Valley Miloski decided to come back to steal, this time more rampantly. In early March 2022 Miloski travelled to Ember Valley as the regular members were not usually online at that time. He stole things such as ore nuggets and molds from the blacksmith building. Aswell as destroying and taking axles and gears he stole a large amount of flax for Gambeson and crops for food. After a little while of these robberies he went to Toobke who was online, and offered a deal for some tin bronze ingots (which he stole) for a copper anvil. Toobke "agreed" and went up to his castle, probably to bring a weapon or a bow. After coming back down he took out a meteoric iron axe and started hitting Miloski. Miloski, now running away, got on his horse to ride away but ultimately his stead got killed by bowfire and Miloski was soon killed and shackled. From late February to early March he was an indentured servant, sifting bony soil and picking fruit for Toobke. After a while of manual labor he was released after about 10 IRL days.

A week or two passed and Miloski began to have conflicts with Green Spice due to stealing from their base. Miloski defends himself saying it wasn't in the wrong as Chan Town was in a state of disrepair and "stealing from the dead" isn't illegal. After being hunted down Miloski got shackled on March 22, 2022. Due to a supposed mistake the player handling the shacklegear made (currently unknown what exactly) Miloski escaped on March 23 and fled to an unknown location.