Treaty of Santiago

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Treaty of Santiago
SignedJuly 7 2022
FormatGoogle Document posted to Reddit

The Treaty of Santiago is an agreement signed on July 7 2022 which formally merged the nations of Cortesia Del Mar and Aurellia on CivMC. Initially proposed by Chancellor of Aurellia Complexii to Acting President yodabird19 on June 27, the treaty united the lands, assets, and populations of the neighboring states. The merger built on approximately 18 months of cooperation between the two groups across three alliances (the DUMP, CES, and MP, in that order); as both signatories were members of the March Pact at the time of signing, and the treaty stipulated that "the merger state shall inherit the foreign relations and obligations of both Cortesia Del Mar and Aurellia, insofar as they are consistent with one another", the resultant state was as well. The state produced by the Treaty of Santiago retained the name, flag, and law of Cortesia Del Mar, but united the governments of the two signatories into a single, seven-person Provisional Secretariat.