Treaty of Fort Liberty

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Treaty of Fort Liberty
SignedOctober 25, 2021
FormatGoogle Document posted to Reddit

The Treaty of Fort Liberty was a treaty signed between Cortesia Del Mar and the Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy establishing "a diplomatic, economic, and defensive alliance" between the two. The treaty was posted to r/civclassics just 50 seconds after Eddie Murphy announced its claims, as it had been planned for several weeks before the existence of the Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy was public. The Treaty of Fort Liberty culminated three weeks of covert support by Cortesia Del Mar for Eddie Murphy's reestablishment, and was rushed out due to concerns that an isolated Eddie Murphy would be a target due to the nation's predecessor's controversiality[citation needed]. The treaty is named for the city of Fort Liberty, a former Entranan city under the claims of Cortesia Del Mar, which had been extensively occupied by the Murphians before their establishment of the Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy.