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A list of subreddits related to Civcraft. Some subredits are closed to members only and require permission from the moderators of the subreddit.

Most of these subs, bar the main sub and some of the more active group ones, are inactive. Mostly because their groups died, or interest in them dried up. A list of subreddits, most of them still active, can be found here.

Public Subreddits

General Subreddits


Main subreddit for CivCraft. Moderators: Spyignwind, ttk2


Subreddit concerning in-game trading.


Subreddit concerning the map for cities, landmarks, and transport systems.


Subreddit aspiring to serve as a guide to the various (public) libraries out there by inviting librarians to post lists of the written book collections they manage.

Moderators: BlueMoonP, Stakhanovi, Marcus_Flaminius


Subreddit serving to collect and archive visual art and design made by Civcraftians for and about Civcraft, including propaganda, advertisements, art, PSAs, and more.

Moderator: Toastedspikes



Subreddit concerning the LSIF. Moderators: woundedgod, bobpndrgn, Laws-cant-control, CharioteerOut


Subreddit for the city of Aytos. Moderators: 10footbargepoll, Made0fMeat, Rykleos, stratmatt57, Dr_Oracle


Public subreddit for the city of Carbon. Moderators: FLMedic, pbjork, TacticalSandwich, Zippityblckmm, lced0ut, Ellemennohpee, functionalityman


Subreddit for the city of Danzilona. Moderators: gantAR1, umdshaman, RodgersGates, wingnut4096


Subreddit for the city of Fellowship. Moderators: l3oat, ryumast3r, Soulcomplex, Ieatpotato, Akiyama64, MobsteinKillgore, AsianGod01, frogfood4


Subreddit for the city of Haven. Moderators: EnigmaticHobo, thecriminalmind


Subreddit for the city of loveshack. Moderators: Toastedspikes


Subreddit for the city of Mount Augusta.

Private Subreddits


Subreddit concerning the LSIF. Moderators: bodhidharma6, CricketPinata, bobpndrgn, woundedgod, Laws-cant-control, SovietCanadian, Strongman332, CharioteerOut, Honcho21.


Subreddit concerning the Kingdom of Gondolin. Moderators: WildWeazel, valadian


Subreddit concerning the Kingdom of Prussia. Moderators: _dbb_, avraham1, Koentinius, Chuckizzle, GezGez


Subreddit concerning the city of Agora.


Subreddit concerning the 1399638248.