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Solitude Corporation
Solitude Corp.
IndustryTrading infrastructure and services
Key PeopleJaydon_, kicky, blablagame
Number of Employees~7
ServicesTerminal, CivMarket
Historical Data
Established inLate 2020
Contact Data

Solitude Corp. is a multinational corporation founded on CivRealms and currently active on CivMC. On CivRealms, Solitude Corp offered a variety of services including farm rentals and snitch analytics. Currently Solitude Corp is mostly focussed on the trading platform website Terminal and the CivCorp-inspired international trading hub CivMarket, aspiring to provide the server with the infrastructure to make trading as easy and accessible as possible. The company is headed by CEO Jaydon.


One of the many farms that were built, managed and rented out by the corporation.


Solitude Corp was founded as a producer and seller of enchanted tools and slimeballs on plot A2 in CivCorp. Solitude was one of the biggest producers of slimeballs of the server, which was required for the production of enchanted armour. The slime was produced in the Alexandrian colony of Solitude in the Thomas Archipelago, which was privately owned by the company and which is where the company derived its name from. Afterwards, the company expanded with a farm-rental service aimed for the production of XP, buying prime farmland to build farms and other required infrastructure before selling the leases for the farms. Finally, Solitude also offered advanced snitch technology through OMEGA, a digitally accessible 24/7 snitch-bot service with extra features including filters and analytics, a.o. determining what areas where most visited and other traffic patterns. OMEGA was a popular service used by many nations and gained Solitude international standing and credibility as a politically neutral economic player as it became one of the biggest snitch networks of the server competing with those of powerful nations.


After a hiatus following the downfall of CivRealms, Solitude was brought back for CivMC immediately after launch. Work on CivMarket began in the first week of the server with public claims posted on June 9[1], as well as the launch of Terminal on June 8[2] after a number of days of testing. Plots in CivMarket were auctioned in two waves between July 3th and July 8th, bringing in a total of around 4800 diamonds in capital, exceeding all original expectations with some plots sold for over 200 diamonds. Additionally, CivMarket launched the server's first floating iron/diamond-exchange on July 8th.

Current Products/Projects

Logo of the Terminal Web-Application


Terminal is a unique all-in-one digital platform aiming to connect buyers and sellers of goods and services. Users can create and manage offers, and view and filter through other people's offers. Terminal also offers Premium accounts, which offers users the option of promoting their offer placements to put them on top of the general overview. Currently Terminal Premium is limited to plot-owners in CivMarket.

Terminal is accessible through the Solitude website:

User tutorial:


CivMarket is a neutral, international trading city, built as a walled and bastioned grid city with privately owned 21x21 plots featuring a diverse range of shops. The city also features what is currently the server's first and only floating iron/diamond-exchange. Futher development of CivMarket is in works and will be ongoing for a while, with plans for a.o. a trench, vault bastions, an XP-exchange, and a fully fleshed out factory bunker for plot-owners.

Join CivMarket Discord here:

Terms and Conditions of CivMarket:

Overview of CivMarket plots:


  • The company logo features a snitch and a cactus, refering to its two historical primary services on CivRealms where it was founded; farm rentals and snitch-services
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