Savior-Riverhold War

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The Savior-Riverhold war is probably the shortest and least deadly war of all of CivRealms 2.0 history. MSPaintDailyYT MSPaintDailyYT's force comprising of 3 men would storm the small nation and claim it for themselves. This war would be the only conflict the Saviors Empire would participate in. No players were hurt or pearled. The flag was planted and as of writing still stands to this day. This conflict lasted for about 5 minutes.

Causes and Effects

The reason for this war was simpily exploting a inactive and small nation. The Saviors wanting to prove the fact that they could live up to their empire decided to start a plan that would never be finished. That was the Saviors Restoration of the West. Since the Chicago Empire collapsed and broke up into many smaller states, Saviors saw it was their destiny to reunite the area under one flag. They thought to start with Riverhold which is what they saw as their easiest target. They would only have 3 soldiers to go, That being MSPaintDailyYT, Atergly and Wylieburb. 1 were in chainmail armor and 2 in steel armor. The reason for this lack of good gear was simple, Saviors were not developed and could afford good gear. After the war which for the most part not much happening besides the full annexation of Riverhold and MSPaints house being lightly raided . Saviors would see there somewhat golden age before a slow fall into inactivity and poverty.

Riverhold and Saviors land today

Riverhold would remain a a part in the Saviors Empire right up until is Incorporated into the WE or Machhu Piccu. MSPaint would go on to live in Varathia for about a month. Then would return to the now Kingdom of Savaguard to set up a new city, Saviors.

Shortest and "Safest" war in CivRealms History?

This war again lasted for about 5 minutes, and no one was hurt or pearled in the conflict. This may be one of the shortest and least deadliest conflicts ever. Its important to know that the Saviors simiply put there flag on Riverhold and claimed it as there own. They met no resistance. This war is also nicknamed the "Peacefull War" due to no casualites being taken.