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Regency's most notable landmark, its lighthouse, with the town's flag fixed atop it.
Part of Aegina (until September 10, 2014)
Danzilonan Federation
GovernmentAeginan territory (August 4, 2014-September 10, 2014)

Strong mayor-council (September 10, 2014-January 1, 2015)

Danzilonan territory (January 1, 2015-January 16, 2016)
Foundation DateAugust 4, 2014
Independence from AeginaSeptember 10, 2014
Incorporation into New DanzilonaJanuary 1, 2015

Regency was the southernmost territory of the Danzilonan Federation (DZF), located at 5500, 6100 on a small, flat, grassy island in Civcraft 2.0. Founded originally as a territory of Aegina, Regency at its peak was home to 5-6 citizens of the DZF, including its leader, NerdChops. Without any notable geography or involvement in conflicts, Regency is mostly known for its strategic location in the ocean south of the rest of the DZF.


Aeginan Empire

Regency was founded on August 4, 2014 by it_needs_bees and NerdChops as a territory of an existing DZF city, Aegina.[1] Since Bees was already the leader of Aegina, he assigned NerdChops to lead Regency.

Under Nerdchops, Regency experienced massive growth, becoming the highest populated territory of the DZF within two weeks of its founding.[2] NerdChops also built a grand lighthouse and a rail to Aegina. However, not all was well in Regency.

Since Regency was a territory of Aegina, Bees, being the leader of Aegina, had power over NerdChops and how he managed his land. This led to many instances where the two butted heads, like when Bees mined out a diamond vein that was under Regency and kept the diamonds for himself. Conflicts like these led NerdChops to try to secede from Aegina and have Regency join the DZF as its own town.[3] Since Regency had 5 citizens and was eligible to become a town, NerdChops put it to a vote. Voters unanimously supported the idea of Regency becoming its own town.[4] Although Bees lost a territory of his, NerdChops still managed to maintain friendly relations with him and the rest of Aegina.

Regency as a Town

When Regency became its own town in the DZF, it hit its prime. Population peaked at 6 residents, and the town expanded its farms and residencies. After that, Regency slowly began to dwindle. Many newfriend residents stopped playing, and projects were progressing very slowly. Attempts were made by the Danzilonan government to reinvigorate the town, but to no avail.[5]

Griefer Attacks and Demise

As time went on and activity in Regency declined, the town became more vulnerable to attacks by griefers. Over a few weeks in September-October, Regency was hit by several griefer attacks, usually from the same group. Since many of the buildings in Regency were built by newfriends that didn't reinforce them, much of Regency was completely demolished.[6] After every resident besides NerdChops left and many attempts to revive the city failed, NerdChops gave up and quit the server. Regency was made a territory of the city of New Danzilona in January 2015.[7] Little of any attention was given to the town by the Danzilonans as they focused on their other territories, like Riverford and Melonwood, instead. At the end of 2.0, Regency laid in ruin.