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Hamlet of Oakhurst
Location-7650, 6000
GovernmentPrecedentiary Law
• Governor
Foundation date19th August 2017


The Hamlet of Oakhurst is a small, autonomous region of Southshire which is currently owned and lead by Orinnari.

Oakhurst's Official Borders


Private Era

Orinnari began building in the area in early August 2017 after one too many snitch pings from his home in Southshire's downtown area motivated him to seek a quieter place to reside. Not wanting to leave Southshire however, he moved to the untouched and out of the way mini-peninsular to the south-east, constructing what would later be referred to as the "soap coloured palace" by Dr_Oracle.

Founding Era

Oakhurst was later declared autonomous by Orinnari on the 19th August 2017 when he retired from the Council for stress related reasons [1]. His goal was to create a loose facsimile to the City of London, cementing this by declared himself the Lord Mayor of Oakhurst[2]. Later, on 28th August 2017, Orinnari negotiated - with the help of Charlameme - the means to temporarily suspend Oakhurst's autonomy should he be successfully re-elected to the Council[3]. This however ended up not happening and the agreement was declared null and void.

Floundering Era

After Orinnari's defeat in the election, he impulsively declared Oakhurst a separate entity, a borough unto itself, believing it the only way he could exercise law-making ever again. This however inflamed recent hostilities from SamuelV who saw it as a slap in the face and began propagating harmful characterisations of Orinnari. This matched with the casual disregard from others in the Commonwealth meant that progress in establishing Oakhurst was slow and fickle. On 18th September 2017, Oakhurst drew the ire of Dr_Oracle, the owner of Southshire's then branch of Empty Promises, later citing misleading information from the Council after Orinnari sent him an essay[4]. However, after two additional weeks of casual hostility and disregard, particularly when Orinnari attempted to establish a short connection to Southshire's rail station, he felt it would be best to relocate Oakhurst elsewhere. Oakhurst was dismantled and ceded back to Southshire on 30th September 2017. At first, Oakhurst was relocated to The Plantation, an area within modern day Arran, but after facing difficulties with an abandoned yet largely reinforced area was relocated again to a small island to the north, now known as Shen. Given the social and infrastructural isolation of Shen, this became a very inactive period for Orinnari. Oakhurst was implicitly dissolved around November 2017 when Orinnari returned to Southshire.

Refounding Era

On 7th June 2021, Orinnari visited Southshire after seeing RoboRik's designs for a new factory building for Southshire's downtown area. During this visit, cinzar invited Orinnari to build a house, but was later given permission by StrPlatinum to claim most of Oakhurst's old territory as private property. Cinzar insisted however that the Nymph Embassy ought to remain. However, Orinnari successfully negotiated the deed to the land in return for manually relocating the embassy and its items to the opposite side of the canal, effectively reclaiming all of Oakhurst's former territory as private property. StrPlatinum then spontaneously granted Oakhurst autonomy, returning it to its original form back in 2017.


Oakhurst is located on the south-eastern peninsular of Southend, consisting solely of roofed forest surrounded by river.


Oakhurst has written laws in the sense that they are documented, however there is no government or legislature. Instead, its laws originate organically from customs, precedents, and contracts, or what could be referred to as Customary Law.

Precedent 1

Oakhurst is bound by Southshire law unless where otherwise exempted or irrelevant.

Precedent 2

Oakhurst's territory was first deeded to Orinnari then granted autonomy, thus Orinnari owns and leads Oakhurst.

Precedent 3

Oakhurst is expected to retain pre-existing infrastructure unless otherwise given approval to change or remove.

Precedent 4

Justice is a private matter between the alleged wrongdoer and the wronged party.

Precedent 5

Unjust outcomes of Precedent 4 can be appealed to the leader of Oakhurst.

Precedent 6

Unjust outcomes of Precedent 5 can be appealed to the Council of Southshire.

Precedent 7

Player Essence is a restricted good and cannot be sold in shops.

Precedent 8

Pearls cannot be held permanently or indefinitely.

Precedent 9

Discord's Community Guidelines are justiciable.