Nyasan-Channer War

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The Nyasan-Channer War was a series of battles on CivClassic 2.0 across the northern half of the server in 2019 between the Chan States, the Chanseatic State and Sovia, and originally just Nyasaland, but later several members of the United Northern Congress

Nyasan-Channer War

Fierce fighting in Palgrave City, with TNT griefing clearly visible in the background
Date9th-28th April 2019
Palgrave, the Nyasan Sea, Mir, Bloom & Icenia

Nyasan-UNC Victory

  • Nyasan annexation of Sovia-Verda

 United Northern Congress (Old)

 Mir (9th April)

 Chanseatic State

Commanders and leaders

Nyasaland BennyZ
Nyasaland Syurii
Varkonia KimIlSung
Bloom SwiftFizz

Mir Gregy166

Chanseatic State Tacilus†
Chanseatic State BasedNigelFarage†

New Sovia Pirater†
~10 ~9
Casualties and losses

1 civilian pearled, later freed
1 fighter pearled, later freed

1 fighter pearled by friendly fire
9 pearled

The War


Nyasaland and various individual Channers had been in intermittent states of conflict for some time leading up to the Nyasan-Channer War. Several months prior, two channers, Lakupippu and ViratioII, had griefed Palgrave, mistakenly believing it to still be part of Annwyn; Lakupippu was pearled and imprisoned, while ViratoII escaped. Just a week before the outbreak of the Nyasan-Channer War, a combined Nyasan-Varkonian force had fought off Chanseatic and Sovian troops raiding the city of Tel Aviv, with BasedNigelFarage being briefly pearled and held in Chastity.

Just a day before the attack, Tacilus was seen passing by Chastity but was let go as he claimed he was just passing by. The motive behind the Chanseatic attack was a mix of vengeance for these particular incidents, an attempt to free Lakupippu, and also petty raiding.

Battle of Palgrave

At about 18:16 BST, Pirater, Tacilus, Iakwai, LordChieftan, BasedNigelFarage and Gamephobic entered Palgrave from the east, pillaring up to avoid snitches and thus not giving any advance warning. However, the Nyasans were already on high alert following a mistell thirty minutes earlier where was BasedNigelFarage seen saying in local chat "don't bring obby this run". They immediately pearled unarmed Nyasan citizen alizoza, and began to attack the city with TNT, doing much damage to a handful of unreinforced structures and to the ground.

Nyasan troops scrambled to respond, with most stationed at the Chastity Vault; BennyZ was the first on the scene, pearling BasedNigelFarage in a 1v6. Vriskalicious and Syurii soon attacked out of Nyasan fortifications in the city, with neither having god armour or even full pot sets, compared to the fully-geared Channers & Sovans. Nonetheless, a protracted battle ensued with Nyasans intermittently retreating into bunkers to attack out again - a fourth Nyasan, Rail_Bot arrived on the scene and helped to pearl Gamephobic. However, in fierce fighting on Leiden Road, Vriskalicious was cornered and pearled, marking the first Nyasan military loss.

Nonetheless, the attackers were pushed back east to D'Annunzio Square and in after a hard-fought 2v4, eventually began to flee, down two but with the pearls of vriskalicious and alizoza. By 18:30, the Battle of Palgrave was over.

A video exists of the Battle of Palgrave, from the perspective of BennyZ.


After a short break to re-pot, the Nyasans gave chase, and were soon joined by Varkonian and Bloomean allies. Being informed on their location by /ep locate, it seemed as though the Channers & Sovians were fleeing towards Mir, which had recently annexed the Chanseatic State and who they may have believed would be friendly to them.

However, the Mirians were contacted through Varkonia, and after making it clear they were not with the Chanseatic breakways on this matter, logged on to intercept the Channers & Sovians.

In a chase that spanned about 1 hour and several thousand blocks, Bloomean forces pearled bronzu55, a Channer who was not involved in the Battle of Palgrave but was fleeing from a nearby Chanseatic bunker with an inventory full of TNT. Mirian forces in their own manoeuvre pearled Pirater, Lordchieftan and Tacilus, as well as briefly pearling a Nyasan, Rail_Bot, in a miscommunications-fuelled instance of friendly fire.


The pearls of Lordchieftan and Tacilus were transferred to Nyasaland for indefinite imprisonment in Chastity, while Mir intended to keep Pirater, having their own claims on him for his cooperation with Rhodesia. Subsequently, five out of six members of the attack on Palgrave were in Nyasan custody, as well as an additional Channer; Iakwai however remained on the loose, being seen fleeing north past Mythril.

With Pirater, the ruler of Sovia-Verda, not only partaking in the attack but being later pearled, Nyasaland declared the annexation of Sovia-Verda. In a feeble attempt to impair the Nyasan occupation of Sovia-Verda, Pirater, while exiled, STO & IRO-griefed his own city, Crowsroost. However, a group of Nyasans later in the day who came to enact the annexation quickly cleaned up the city.

The Subreddit War
fuck you I hope you legitimately kill yourself toxic piece of shit jump off a fucking bridge slit your throat." — Pirater

With the Channers and Sovians, despite their extensive preparations, being immediately militarily annihilated by a bunch of unprepared transgender hillbillies with completely unoptimised pot bunker, they had to resort to the subreddit to complain. A slew of posts were made on the r/civclassics subreddit, at one point ten being on the 'new' page concurrently. These can be seen below;






These were generally marked by complaining about their sentences, empty threats, slurs, and general nastiness. Ironically, their absolute spam of the subreddit probably helped to turn more people off of their plight with their incessant whining, than inure them to it. These essentially ceased following an official Nyasan statement on the sentencing of the attackers, which also included a general information release, including a video of the Battle of Palgrave

Sovian Insurgency

Pirater, the former leader of Sovia, was extremely vocal on both the subreddit and in the server's global chat, and thus managed to succeed in stirring up anti-Nyasan and anti-UNC sentiment in some quarters, particularly in random newfriends who he harangued. The lack of involvement by the Channers, combined with the stated motivation to 'free Sovia' among insurgents, led to this being known as the Sovian insurgency.

The insurgency was rapidly heavily infiltrated by UNC agents, giving extensive information on planned attacks and storage locations; this was of great use to counter insurgency operations, a great number of which focused on locating and confiscating remaining stockpiles of TNT and End Crystals.

On the 13th, a brief and abortive attack on Palgrave took place by one of Pirater's recruited newfriends, AngryPepsi; he was very quickly pearled having dealt nearly no damage to the city, though equipped with a number of End Crystals and TNT. Having been spoken to by Nyasans, who generally understood him to be a confused newfriend, he was judged to pose no further threat and given the option to pay his way out of imprisonment with diamonds or face a week's sentence. Using funds that were later understood to be lent by Pirater, he quickly paid his 'bail', and relocated to Icenia. He soon launched another attack against the Bloom-Icenia rail line, on the 15th, before being quickly pearled.

Icenia generated a brief period of concern among the UNC as a potential terrorist haven; many of the attackers, not just Sovians but Channer as well, had taken up residency there while exile-pearled, and LordChieftan in fact once held government office. These eventually led to an eruption of tensions with neighbouring Bloom, with one private citizen illegally blocking off the rail line to Icenia. UNC-Icenian negotiations obtained consensus however, and the Icenian authorities would soon crack down on insurgent stockpiles within their land and enact searches of the residences of the former attackers, locating most of the materiel that would have been used for future attacks.

This, combined with Pirater's temp-ban for harassment led to the Insurgency being classified as a non-threat by late April, ending the latter part of the Nyasan-Channer War. Finally, on the 28th of April, Iakwai was apprehended after being lured to Gensokyo, finally capturing the last of the original seven attackers of Palgrave.