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Norlund was founded by Terryandlex (now known as TerryTheThird) during TheRealmsMC Spera. It continued into Natum. It was located in the snowy northeast of the main continent and also owns Vaal National Forest. It was a communist democracy headed by an elected Prime Minister. Norlund would later form on other civ servers such as CivEx: First Light and on CivRealms 2.0 (see at Norlund)


Norlund was founded in the snowy north by Terryandlex midway through Natum and attracted a lot of new players because it was highly active compared to most nations of that time. It slowly expanded its claims until it rivaled Estercrest and Obore in size. In both Spera and Natum diamonds were the main export along with potatoes and ice. Norlund fought in the Long War with the Gorge and FSRA on the allied side against the Shadow Imperium and the Ulfury Dynasty.


Prominent members of Norlund include:

Terryandlex- Founder and Interim Prime Minister, Leader of the Communist Party

Oldalbert- Secretary of Defense and Chief Ranger of Vaal National Forest

Ukulelelesheep- General of the Army, Leader of the Progressive Party

Demography- Mayor of Munham

Fawkesian- Long Time Member

3033- Former Prime Minister, Leader of the United Party

Segaprophet- Co-founder of the Nationalist Party