New Bjornstahl

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New Bjornstahl
Banner of New Bjornstahl
LocationPrivate as of March 2022
Activity levelLow as of April 2022
National Colors
• Patriarch
Foundation dateJanuary 2022
Motto"Get to it before the rats do."
National anthemBarbie Girl (Instrumental)
MascotSnarly the Dumb Mean Wolf
New Bjornstahl's center as it stood February 17th, 2022
New Bjornstahl was a village on Vintage Civ, part of Lazuli Lake District. It was heavily featured in the Vintage Civ 2.0 Official Trailer.[1]

A video tour of the village can be seen here.


New Bjornstahl was named in commemoration of the refugee town of Bjornstahl, founded in early Civcraft 1.0, after 90% of the population of the city of Kizantium was imprisoned by the Columbian Ancap mafia for peacefully protesting the vault policies of well-known rich nerd Foofed. The city flourished for a handful of weeks, with a sudden population boom and ensuing collapse, as the village ghetto was resulting in nightly brawls and in-fighting.

Bjornstahl is a combination of German and Finnish words meaning "Steel Bear."


Player Isaac (formerly known as ZANETNT on Civcraft 1.0 and TerminusRob on later iterations) and his spouse were invited to Lazuli by SimpleBastard shortly after the launch of VintageCiv 1.0, with the promise that Lazuli was becoming the go-to town for a handful of Civ-oldfriends. After arriving to the town, Isaac and Natalie laid stake to a new homestead only a stone's throw away northward, overlooking one of the scenic lakes from which Lazuli Lake District is named for. With New Bjornstahl being a local tourist attraction, the town guidebook writes:

Ephram, son of Mostafa, outside the front gates of New Bjornstahl. March 20, 2022
Spend some time in quiet introspection at the Orthodox Church, and then get hammered on mead (or BYOVodka in true Orthodox fashion) at the Steel Bear Tavern, followed by taking the kids to get bitten by a raccoon at the petting zoo in the agricultural district, and more!
The town regularly received visitors, and as of mid-March 2022, there had been no notable crimes or crises.

The settlement was known for being one of the first to discover the Welcome Mat and visiting traders, shocking many individuals before the feature was widely known. Since then, a clothier began squatting outside the front gates indefinitely, named Mostafa. He was wanted by local authorities on suspicion of offering illegal escort services. After several in-game years, Mostafa went missing on March 20, 1394. Ephram, believed to be Mostafa's son, took over his campsite. On the road diagonal from New Bjornstahl to Aventurine, there was another clothing trader named Mostafa. It is not known if this was the same Mostafa that went missing.

As of April 2022, like all other towns on the server, New Bjornstahl began to see very low activity, with only Natalie occasionally tending to the gardens. Upon the official announcement of 2.0's release date, the village was essentially abandoned and made a historical heritage site.