Lazuli Lake District

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Lazuli Lake District
LocationPrivate as of February 2022
Activity levelMedium as of February 2022
Capital cityLazuli
National Colors
Foundation dateJanuary 2022
LanguageEnglish, Dutch

Lazuli Lake District is a group of towns on Vintage Civ.


Starting out together Lodish and Enna1 joined up with Spartaci and then met ComradeNick, Simple Bastard at their tiny island before making their way towards another area. After constructing a compacted dirt walled garden and penning some cattle, it was generally conceded that area had a lot of temporal instability, so the group moved onward. Enna, Spartaci, and Derg (having now joined them) went searching for a place to settle permanently.

Finding a stable, relatively flat area with lovely lakes around them they agreed that it would be a great spot for a township. Given the multiple lakes near by and blue being the accepted colour of lakes the name Lazuli lakes was agreed upon on the 15th January 2022.

ComradeNick, SimpleBastard, MarigoldAtlasCC, and Passencore came to the area over the next few days. A week of peace past and a few more joined Mokuno, Yams, Patar, who decided it was getting crowded and so founded a new town further afield, Aventurine. Sanwi joined and lent his hand at building more economical mechanics for us before wandering off to help others. MarigoldAtlasCC had some other friends join the server and so left went off with them.

Joining Lazuli Lake district , but not Lazuli town itself was Isaac and his family setting up New Bjornstahl.

Needing more structure to things it was discussed exactly where the main Lazuli road should go and Enna started the farms, her house, and finally the road itself was begun while the others gathered resources.. As the main road was nearing completion, 3 more joined lazuli settlement, Romec, being possibly the most notable/known, each built a house as did Derg and SimpleBastard.

And so the capital and other settlements of Lazuli Lake District continued to grow.

A shot of the center of Lazuli and in the back KoekuBakker's house
23rd January 2022 Enna1's House over looking a lake , the farm is to the left before anything else was constructed including the main road.


Lazuli (Capital)

Government: Direct Democracy, headed by Sepras

New Bjornstahl

Government: Close family group

The Free City of Aventurine

Government: Monarchy, headed by Mokuno


The town of Lazuli was raided by Captainaces, [1]and Romec was killed during the raid at the beginning of February 2022. A few days layer when Captainaces visited again and asked Derg where the neighbours were,

Derg replied, "Even if I knew I wouldn't tell you."

To which Captainaces replied, "Well there goes the truce then," and started to shoot Derg with a bow and arrow (the bow earlier raided from a resident).

Derg not being slow off the mark engaged in the fight and the two ran up and down the newly constructed road. Enna1 then came on alerting a few others what was happening, and started running after them picking up the arrows being fired until Captainaces logged off. He was duly log-boxed and watched in turn by several people until he logged in again when he was apprehended and shackled.

Whirlwind storms rose up during his capture, completely obliterating all sight, sound, smell, and even movement--for nearly an hour. But Captainaces didn't count on the persistence of Lazuli Lake District. None shall escape. It was a "very important five minutes," indeed.

  1. Captain Aces dying over and over again in the first couple days of February