Mount Chungusta

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Mt Chungusta
GovernmentDemocratic Minarchy
Governing documentMt Chungus Criminal Code[1]
• Lord Judge
• Judges
Foundation dateMarch 27th 2020
Motto"Big, big Chungus"
DiscordMt Chungus[1]
Mount Chungusta as seen from the west of the cliff
Map of Mount Chungusta and the southern jungle, with coordinates

Mount Chungusta was a city state on Civtest at -600 1000. It is known for its architecture and history concerning the server, as it is one of the first major nations on its server.


Mount Chungusta, commonly abbreviated as MtC, is a play on the words "Big Chungus" and "Mount Augusta", as the founders were from Mount Augusta on CivClassic. Parts of the population use other combinations of "Mt"/"Mount" and "Chungus"/"Chungusta" as a form of non-violent protest against the bureaucracy introduced by the Mount Augusta-style constitution.



Mount Chungusta was founded on the 27th of March 2020, the first day of the Civtest alpha release, by Squareblob, Gjum, Topher3001, man_page, animeme_master, and others from the Mount Augusta community on CivClassic.

After splitting up to scout the map for ores, the first iron vein was found a few hundred meter northeast of the current city, and everyone decided to meet up there. While exploring the surroundings and the nearby forest, the founders discovered a beautiful cliff side and decided to build a base there. Soon after, more buildings, a farm, and a vault followed.

Pearling of TheOrangeWizard

The vault holding TheOrangeWizard's pearl
Vault as seen from the city center

After attacking man_page, TheOrangeWizard was pearled and vaulted. He later tried to attack the vault with an alt account. He was released on condition that he would later attend his execution but he fled and later founded Estado Laranja.

Following the first democratic vote, the first Trampoline of Mount Chungusta was constructed. On 2020-03-28 the first Mayor and Judges are elected. Squareblob is the first mayor, with Topher and Isit elected as judges.

The Great Screwdriver Fire

Rurik's house burning during The Great Screwdriver Fire

Later that day, The Great Screwdriver Fire of Mount Chungusta occurred. It was a series of events in which animeme_master constructed a screwdriver and griefed two structures, an unknown player pours lava into Rurik's house, burning it down. Later, the fire spreads to the Voter Tree, partially burning it before being noticed and put out. The first laws against murder and griefing are introduced after the events.

A Memorial dedicated to the first civil war involving TheOrangeWizard

The first human planted trees grow in Mount Chungusta, along with the first potatoes, allowing the population to switch from apples and blueberries to a high-stamina diet.

Milkshaketeer, an unregistered settler of Mount Chungusta and newfriend, was pearled after constructing an "architecturally badly designed" building. He had been asking how the Citadella system worked and had been pearled for sport. Later his suspected alt account arrives at Mount Chungusta.

The Tower Conflict

After man_page started construction of a three story tower, Judge Isit decided that the tower was blocking a path and did not fit the theme of Mount Chungusta's architecture. man_page persisted with constructing it while being asked to stop. Once a vote was passed to remove the tower man_page fled to a bunker, equipped iron gear, and removed the other members from the groups the bunker was reinforced with. Judge Isit was pearled after his attempt to pearl man_page with his wooden equipment and man_page used the pearl as leverage. man_page eventually left the bunker to move to the trench at his tower and was pearled and then released the next day.

Exploration and Expansion

On 2020-03-29, Metriximor completes the construction of the Bell Tower.

animeme_master crafts the first steel armor and the first television.

A military expedition consisting of animeme_master, Squareblob, man_page, and yellofishy claims 0,0 for Mt. Chungusta.

After the introduction of new factories on 2020-04-08, Mount Chungusta's full set of factories attracted ashnwill who built the new steel infrastructure.


Mount Chungusta is located at -600 1000. During Mount Chungusta's first major activity period, the closest known settlements to it were Minetown and Benjaminsburg.

Local Geography

Mount Chungusta lies on a hillside covered in grassland, facilitating quick growth of potatoes and wheat during the founding days. To the south is a jungle containing a cotton farm and providing most of Mount Chungusta's wood resources, as well as two lakes of which one is landlocked and connected to a river and the other goes out to the 0,0 sea. North of Mount Chungusta is a frigid icesheet beginning at the base of the cliff it is on, rich in iron ore. To the east is a pine forest. To the west lies a large artificial oak farm.


The political system of Mount Chungusta is a Night Watchman state. The constitution[1] is a minimal rulebook for the Judges of the nation. Actions outside of the document are to be carried out only with a majority vote from all present citizens, if it is against another citizen their vote is excluded.


Those who enforce the law are referred to as Judges and are voted into place by the citizens of the nation. Their place is permanent unless a vote to recall one is requested by the citizens. During a vote the leading candidate is made the Lord Judge, a ceremonial place, and second and third becoming Judges.


Mount Chungusta was one of the first groups to climb the whole tech tree at the launch of the alpha server, as well as after the introduction of new factories on 2020-04-08.


A typical citizens attire

No citizen in Mount Chungusta is obligated to perform service for the nation under normal circumstances and are free to build within the borders as long as they follow accepted architecture standards. Walking around naked (without armor) is commonly frowned upon, and new players are being suggested to at least wear wooden armor, eventually this was made into a law as the Public Indecency Act.[1]


Although Mount Chungusta has no official religion some may consider the respect given to Big Chungus in the form of the nations namesake and motto among other things as a religion.