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The letter R composed of black bars mimicking a censored document, centered in a white filled circle enclosed in a filled orange square.
Logo of [REDACTED] Games LLC.

Praxis is the idea of "a large-scale online multiplayer society-building experience, being developed by a small team of contributors from the Civcraft community and beyond. Praxis is what has been referred to in the past as the ‘Civcraft Successor’, ‘Standalone Civcraft’, [...]. Imagine if you stripped down Civcraft to the core ideas that drive all these awesome socially-emergent experiences, and then designed an entire engine and game around them. That’s Praxis. It’s an open world in which we provide you the tools to build the society you want."[1]

Work on the project officially started 2012[2] under ttk2 through [REDACTED] Games LLC, and ended some time before the shutdown of Civcraft[3].


"It is designed to provide a toolset that allows players to construct and simulate societies, creating cultures, running businesses or governments or a multitude of other assorted personal objectives. We describe this type of gameplay as ‘social emergence’; there is no built in ‘story’, no mission structure, no levelling etc. Praxis is about real humans interacting within simulated environments, and the stories and histories they create simply by coexisting within a shared space. [...] In Praxis, your actions have real consequences, and part of the agreement you enter into by playing Praxis is that you may end up being subject to these consequences. [...] The core of the game involves gathering, building, exploring and travelling within a wide-spanning open universe alongside a large number of other players."[2]

"Praxis is set in a wide-spanning universe, ripe for exploration. The worlds of Praxis are constructed from voxels, similar to Minecraft but with a few unique twists. Praxis features user-created vehicles for transportation."[1]

Praxis is "the next step, [...] with the goal of pushing ourselves to the limits of what is possible within a ‘game’. What if we could have ten thousand people online? What if the game ‘universe’ was truly that; a universe, with planets and stars and features from a warm savannah to the cold depths of space?"[1]


Since the end of Civcraft it became obvious the original Praxis was no longer being developed[3]. But the idea of a standalone open world game with a focus on social and political interaction lived on, and several attempts were made by different groups of members from the Civ community to work on such a game.