List of nations on civcubed

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This is a list of nations on CivCubed.

Country Leader Government Establishment
Annesburgh bloof Autonomous under The Hole
Aꝡaereun The Exile System
Covehaven Joadgr?
Faction of Ongoing Distress (FOOD) tooltech?
Floralia _OceanStar
Jaffa Town
Kaowta Plrog (de jure) Colonial Administration
kawenojs lujosjer tawu JohnCats Monastic Order 12/1/2023
Lotocrati̋ Dimocrati̋ af Húrtsē(Lottocratic Republic of Hurtsey)
Mabiral Argon?
Miel Mur TransdimensionMF (TDMF) Trade Union 12/6/23
Mild Shittery Gang Raider Group
Mutual Trust Alliance SpeedyJustice Mercenary Group 12/1/2023
Nomads Guild SMAWarrior Nomad Group 12/4/23
Principality of Nalora CapColt? Monarchy
Organic Commonwealth of Tenancy (OCT) Plupsnup 2023/08/22
Duchy of Saekyr
TCS? CityLion?
The Hole
The Roots Torynado?
Republic of Updog bbdd 2023
Valimora Athanas?
Zelmysia TheGreatZelmys/BoosterGhost Diarchy 12/4/23