L Line Treaty

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The L Line Treaty is a diplomatic document signed by Lord High Chancellor BritishWanderer, President Kaprediem, Consul AmandaCC and King Metriximor, which was signed on 23 July 2021[1]. The treaty was signed between the nations of Gabon, Lambat, Lumière and Lusitania.

L Line Treaty
Drafted21 July 2021
Signed23 July 2021
Effective23 July 2021
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The treaty was designed as a way to formalize and help coordinate efforts on the construction of a international rail line spanning the map longitudinally, the L Line along with further tying the nations economically. It stipulates:

  1. How the rail will be built
    1. With a especial consideration for article F which stipulates that no external tools can restrict and or difficult usage of the line.
  2. Economic and diplomatic regulations
  3. How to add more nations to the L Line

The document was created in a special embassy channel in the Lusitan discord by representatives from Lusitania, Gabon, Lumiere and Lambat, with most of the document being written by Metriximor and BritishWanderer during the early July 2021 period.