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The face of Hummelwagen
Hummelwagen at a lighthouse
Personal Info
Main ResidenceAurora
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Political IdeologyAnacho-Capitalist
ProfessionEmerald Production
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
JoinedJune 2013
RedditHummelwagen (deleted)
Miscellaneous Info
Motto"That's it--I'm done."

Hummelwagen was a Civcraft 2.0 player that known for being a part of the Mirango Cooperative. Hummelwagen started lurking the /r/Civcraft subreddit around December 2012, but didn't start playing until June 2013, a few months after the Civcraft 1.0 map reset. They joined with their friends SexyBunny and MirandaSquish.[1]

Mirango Cooperative

Hummelwagen with SexyBunny, MirandaSquish and several others joined in starting a city called Mirango Cooperative. Unfortunately, they were unware that they were 150 blocks away from Bryn itself, which was extremely secretive at the time. The citizens of Bryn were unhappy with their newfriend-ness and they were asked to vacate the location. They were not aware at the time of the conventions that had been established in the region of a city owning up to chat range around it. Hummelwagon and the others tried to protect thier claim, basing it in libertarian homesteading theory. They attest that they claimed only what they had improved, but this was referred to as "...destroying all the trees and dirt griefing...". They were all pearled by killyourfacego but were able to reach agreement with PeppermintPig as the aribtrator.[2] Hummelwagon's experience with the Bryn land claim drove them away from Civcraft, but Mirango Cooperative would later move to Aurora.[1]