House of Gobbonia

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House of Gobbonia
Parent house:House of Iria
  • Iria
  • Eterna
  • Volterra
  • Ruin
  • Westmore
  • Varkonia
  • Gabon
  • Bloom
  • Nyasaland
  • Coventhia
Founder:Gobbo Lord (Gobbo I)
Current head:Gobbo VIII of Gabon.
MottoHammer before Sword.

The House of Gobbonia is a royal house of Irian origin. While the monarchs no longer rule in any nations other than Westmore, they are recognised in various countries throughout the northern quadrants of CivClassics. The current monarch, and head of the House of Gobbonia is Gobbo IX, Lord King of Gabon, Bloom, Varkonia, Westmore, Gabon and Coventhia. The family history traces its' routes back to Gobbo Lord, an Irian citizen who lived south of Iria. The family is known for its' influence on architecture across the world of civclassics as well as previous iterations.


The First Era

  • Gobbo I (Gobbo Lord) - Little is known about Gobbo I, it is believed that he lived in a home south of the Irian capital known only as the Gijharian Estate. It is here where the family history begins. Gobbo I was involved in the construction of a windmill in Greenville Estate, Iria. Gobbo I may have also been involved in the initial exploration of the mountains that would become the city of Mozuku but this is not confirmed. Gobbo I is believed to have been buried in the mountains beside the Gijaharian Estate in an undiscovered tomb. In the reign of Gobbo III, the Gijharian Estate was sold for 20 diamonds after the home had began to deteriorate, this controversial sale of the original home of Gobbo I is believed to have been the main cause for Gobbo III's death. Gobbo I held the following titles: Citizen of Iria & Head of the House of Gobbonia.
  • Gobbo II (the Explorer) - Gobbo II was not in Iria at the time of the death of Gobbo I. It was not until he had returned from his exploration of the island of Mozuku that he was made aware of his father's passing. Gobbo II immediately fled to Mozuku and sought the leader of Iria, wolfeyes392 to grant permission for him to begin a settlement on the island. This permission was granted and Gobbo II, alongside with other members of the royal house - cousins Humanbeing101 and SantaKlaws, began the construction of an oriental themed city deep in the mountains. This town is rumoured to have included a large storehouse, small rail connection to the city of Iria with ice path, over 15 homes, terrace farms and the first official castle of the royal house: Gobo Castle (at this time in the families history, both spellings Gobbo and Gobo were in use). It was also within Gobbo II's life that sheep were introduced to Mozuku in the long journey. The long journey involved Gobbo II travelling to the far reaches of the Corum Region in search of sheep to fund the ever-growing wool demands of Mozuku, leading the sheep back across the uncompleted bridge of Iria into Iria Proper. After reaching the capital, he then loaded the sheep into many minecarts and transported them to the city of Mozuku before leading them up the great sheep path into the town. These sheep, who had little competition on the island quickly thrived and soon there were hundreds of sheep on the island. Unfortunately during the dead of the night, the curse of mastercull struck the town and quickly killed the entire sheep population of Mozuku. This event is regarded as historians as the primary reason for the eventual decline of the island as new buildings were not able to source wool for their construction. By the time of Gobbo II's death, the bulk of the island's population including Gobbo III, son of Gobbo II, had left the island and returned to Iria Proper. Gobbo II held the following titles: Citizen of Iria, Leader of Mozuku & Head of the House of Gobbonia.
  • Gobbo III - by the time of Gobbo III's ascension to head of the House of Gobbonia, he had already established himself as Iria, running a very successful architecture business. Gobbo III, unlike his predecessor despised the quiet life on Mozuku as well and the quiet land around the Gijharian Estate. He was commissioned by the eternal leader of Iria wolfeyes392 to construct the church gardens in Iria Proper. After the success of the gardens and the addition of several homes throughout the gardens and coastline, Gobbo III continued on to build many things throughout Iria Proper including: the Gijharian Estate II, an inner city dwelling of moderate size, a complete redesign of the cities roads and the addition of hedges throughout the town. After the completion of the Gijharian Estate II and the increasingly light coffers of the House of Gobbonia after Gobbo III assisted in funding the nether factory of Iria, Gobbo III sought to sell the Gijharian Estate and the Gijharian Estate II. This lead to great tension within the House, especially between Gobbo III and his son Gobbo IV, who had travelled to Mozuku and studied the history of Gobbo I and II. Sometime in the following months, Gobbo III was found dead in his home at the Architects Guild of Iria. While historians believe that Gobbo IV was behind the murder, there is not yet sufficient evidence to confirm this and until the death of Gobbo IV, he had denied claims that he was responsible for his father's death. Gobbo III held the following titles: Citizen of Iria, Leader of Mozuku & Head of the House of Gobbonia.
  • Gobbo IV - Gobbo IV began head of the House of Gobbonia only hours after the death of Gobbo III in Iria Proper. While he longed to return to Mozuku and complete the floating islands of Mozuku, the final project initiated by Gobbo II, he instead remained in Iria Proper to complete the projects that his father had taken on. It was Gobbo IV that completed the Country Club of Iria, which would go on to host NEA (Northeast Alliance) meetings and it is on the grand staircase at the front of the club where the iconic final picture of the Irian citizens together was taken before the world's end. While working on this project, disaster struck the heart of Gobbo IV - He learnt that during the hours of the night, a raider named MegraLew had struck Mozuku and burnt the city to the ground, causing immense damage to the city and essentially levelling it. After a painstaking few weeks remaining in Iria Proper, the raider who had been pearled was convinced to return to Mozuku and repair all the damage and in return, be unpearled. Mozuku was fixed but Gobbo IV had lost interest in rebuilding and expanding Mozuku, which while fixed, was still missing occasional blocks everywhere and was generally in a ruined state, however he also had no interest in returning to Iria Proper and instead set off on a trip west to see the rumoured SPQR. It was on this trip Gobbo IV stumbled upon Eterna, a newly founded nation which was only just getting started and needing builders. Gobbo IV joined this nation and assisted in the construction and design of Eterna and created the first blueprints of Shardore Tower to be home of the Eterna National Archives. Gobbo IV died shortly after in the end of the world event in which he attended as an Irian, recognising his heritage. Gobbo IV held the following titles: Citizen of Iria, Leader of Mozuku, Member of the Eterna Council & Head of the House of Gobbonia.

The Second Era

  • Gobbo V - Gobbo V was born of Gobbonian blood in the capital of Volterra City. He, alongside another citizen of Eternan' heritage Dollaz founded The Cardinal Order. This was to be secretive religious organisation that would attempt to harness as much power as possible and spread churches throughout the server. Gobbo V created the blueprints for the capital church of the Order, which he committed his entire life to the construction of. This monolith required immense amounts of deforestation and gathering that was extremely difficult in the harsh times that he lived in. The Cardinal Order, while short lived, was able to gather all the clay in the shard that they lived in. Clay was a very important block at the time as without it, growth times on farms were too large to supply a steady stream of food to the immense population of the shard. Unfortunately, a premature end of the world struck during Gobbo V's lifetime, denying him the ability to finish his church and killing The Cardinal Order. Gobbo V held the following titles: Citizen of Volterra, Leader of the Cardinal Order & Head of the House of Gobbonia.

The Third Era

  • Gobbo VI - Gobbo VI was born in the countryside outside the nation of Persia, again sticking with Dollaz. His life was as a young boy he raided the city of Persia and was caught, becoming the first head of the Gabbonian family to die by pearling. Gobbo VI held the following titles: Head of the House of Gobbonia.
  • Gobbo VII - Gobbo VII was towards the centre of the planet and together with another Dollaz founded the city of Ruin beside a vault that would eventually become Ruin Vault. Ruin flourished quickly due to the tense nature of the world bringing pvpers' from all over the server to build the vault and defend it when needed, however because of Ruin's quickly growing population it also drew in citizens that desired to build. Gobbo VII believed in the belief of seeking a combination of PvPers and newfriends in a single great city. Gobbo VII had even found in the family archives, the blueprints for the great tower of Shardore and planned to build it as designed within the city of Ruin. However, this could not last. Despite the fact that the House of Gabbonia has Volterran heritage and blood, a war with Volterra was declared after PvPers in Ruin grew tired of the lack of action. A long, bloody and costly war was fought between the two groups even though they had so much in common and many were friends. This war ended with the disabling and siege of the Ruin vault which cut supplies to the town. Gobbo VII was also pearled for his involvement in the war, in which he had participated in the construction of the vault and was present at attempted sieges of the Volterran vault. Without leadership, and with many of its population facing end time for the war, the city of Ruin fell into disrepair and was abandoned. Shortly after, the end of the world struck again. Gobbo VII held the following titles: Leader of Ruin, Head of the House of Gobbonia.

The Fourth Era

  • Gobbo VIII - Gobbo VIII was born again in Iria. It was here that in recognition of his long family history with the nation, he built Gijharian Estate III, which still stands today. He also built the Irian Museum recognising Iria's past, and alongside Logic_Man who had met the family in the days of Ruin, founded the Order of Saint Marcus. The Order of Saint Marcus is a group focused on the continued developments of cities around the world, regardless of ideology, location or population. This Order has grown quickly, with over 30 builders and over 225 buildings across more than 18 cities. He also completed what he believed to be the Gobbonian family destiny - to complete the Shardore Tower, which stands today in Mount Augusta as the current capital of the Order of Saint Marcus and Maester Alliance. Shortly after the completion of the tower, Gobbo VIII moved north to found the city of Westmore, which stands today as a city of the Order. After working on Westmore for a period of time, he merged the town into the nation of Varkonia, where with others of Volterran blood he assists in the building of Gabon. Gobbo VIII holds the following titles: Vice Chancellor of Gabon, Senator of Varkonia, Director of the Order of Saint Marcus, citizen of Iria, Coventhia and Mount Augusta and Head of the House of Gobbonia.

Living Members of the House of Gobbonia

  • Lord King Gobbo VIII
  • Lord Prince & Heir, GreatLordOz of Coventhia
  • Lord Prince BritishWanderer of Gabon
  • Lord Prince stardarkness of Gabon
  • Prince Jumpy of Coventhia