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smal's skin
smal's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceDjani'hweh
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Portuguese
Also Known assmaldragon
Former Citizenships
SignatureSmal's signature
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on
Youtubelol smal

smal, also known as smaldragon, is a Mery politician, builder, mapmaker, shitposter and railway engineer. She was also the owner and main resident of the Fuzzy Quarter, in Mount September, served as Vice-Premier of the CCCP, is part of the central committee of The Workers' Party and was the Commissar of Industry and Furry Relations of the CCCP.


Civcraft 2.0

smal first joined the civ genre in June 2015, playing on the Civcraft 2.0 server.

After a very brief stay in Mt. Augusta she went on to join Icenia, at the time a small settlement within the larger nation of Kaiserin but which soon would grow into an independent nation and one of the most populated cities on the server. She would act as a representative of Icenia in Kaiserin's parliament and, after independence, as one of the members of Icenia's council of three, ruling the fledgling nation alongside DroidJoe and ChrisChrispie.

Acting as minister of the interior, smal focused most of her time in Icenia on growing the nation through developing infrastructure, gathering resources, introducing newfriends to the game and advertising the nation on the subreddit through posts, renders and maps.

While successful in many ways, Icenia would ultimately collapse as a result of inner instability, being then absorbed by neighboring Volterra. smal would continue playing for some time within Volterra but became inactive before the server's end a few months later.

Post-Civcraft 2.0

After the end of Civcraft 2.0 smal would participate with other ex-Icenian players on several projects to attempt to revive and continue the group on subsequent servers, including Astanna (Civcraft 3.0), the Kingdom of Icenia (CivEx 3.0) and finally Vzis (CivClassic), but neither of these would see particular success. After the collapse of Vzis she would become an intermittently active player, participating mostly in the community through discord and reddit rather than in-game activity, and losing interest in participation in any further Icenia-related projects, including civclassic's Icenia revival led by ChrisChrispie.

Among her contributions to the server from this period is the pixel art charmander located in Astanna, which can be seen when traveling on the GOR.

Mount Augusta and USA/CSA

In 2019, smal founded the Fuzzy Quarter in Mount Augusta, a personal building and art project she occasionally works on, and later joined the CSA, where she currently plays. smal now prefers a casual, quiet and isolated playstyle, having little interest in involvement with server politics and conflicts.

During this period she would develop and implement the AURA and SARS rail routing standards.


Upon the release of CivMC, smal would return to the genre with the Mery people in djani'hweh.

Play History

CivCraft 2.0

  • Mount Augusta - (Resident)
  • Commonwealth of the Kaiserinreich - (Citizen, Senator)
  • Icenia - (Citizen, Council of 3)
  • Volterra - (Citizen)

CivCraft 3.0

  • Astanna - (Citizen)

CivEx 3.0

  • Kingdom of Icenia - (Citizen)


  • Vzis - (Citizen, Judge)
  • Candria - (Citizen)
  • Mount Augusta - (Citizen)
  • Confederation of Socialist Augusta - (Citizen, Vice-Premier)
  • Mount September - (Resident)
  • Lumière - (Citizen)
  • Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates - (Citizen, Vice-Premier)


  • Merthyr - (Citizen)


  • Djani'hweh - (Citizen)

PvP Videos

Despite not being particularly skilled in PvP smal has a Youtube channel featuring humorous videos of some of her fights on civ servers.

Title Server Date Published Context
TROUBLE DOWN SOUTH (2.3) CivClassic 17 September 2021 Ambushing and pearling C4Mmo, while in the middle of raiding the chests of the CSA's skeleton grinder. The audio and video are highly distorted.
Pearling TheOrangeWizard CivClassic 14 January 2022 Smal, SandFalls and Shadowvdark attack South Augusta's bunker after the end of the server is announced. TheOrangeWizard is pearled after a short fight where Smal accidentally repeatedly punches TheOrangeWizard with a bow instead of a sword.