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Orebfuscator is an anti-cheat plugin used on CivRealms that changes how certain blocks are rendered by players. The plugin is primarily used to counter abuse from X-RAY and World Download mods. By disguising certain types of blocks as stone when they are hidden from a player's line-of-sight, most attempts to gain secret knowledge of hidden blocks, such as ore locations and dropchests, are thwarted. Alongside HiddenOre, the Orebfuscator plugin is a very powerful way to prevent players from unfairly finding ores and other hidden blocks.



Orebuscator will render certain blocks that are not in a player's line-of-sight or are 6-7 blocks away as a block of stone. When a player comes within 6-7 blocks of one of these hidden blocks and can see them directly, the block will reveal itself.


File:Dropchest xray1.png
If you don't properly bury your dropchests, they can still appear to hackers as an unnatural formation of stone just below the surface.
File:Dropchest xray2.png
By burying your dropchests at or below the stone layer, X-RAY hackers won't be able to tell that there is a chest below them.

While the Orebfuscator plugin operates automatically in the background, there are certain ways to optimize its usage to better protect your hidden items from cheaters. For example, if you have a dropchest which you want to bury for any extended period of time, make sure to bury it in the stone below the dirt, gravel, sand, or snow layer so as to completely disguise the chest. If you bury a chest only a few blocks beneath the surface, although it will still be rendered as stone by X-RAYers it will stand out more among the surface blocks. Because the surface layer is deeper on CivRealms than in a vanilla Minecraft world, this will take some extra effort to place your chest lower down but will completely hide it. See the images on the right for an example of what an X-RAY cheater would see.

Technical Details

Obfuscated Blocks

Plugin-Specific Blocks

Important blocks which are obfuscated on CivRealms include:

  • Ores (such as Diamond and Emerald ore)
  • Chests (Including Trapped Chests)
  • Bastion Blocks (Ender Chests)
  • Gold Blocks (Elevator Blocks)
  • JukeAlert Blocks (Jukeboxes and Note Blocks)
  • FactoryMod Blocks (Chests, Crafting Tables, and Furnaces)

Block ID List

The alphabetized list of obfuscated blocks along with their IDs:

Obfuscated Blocks
Block Name Minecraft Item ID Numerical ID
Anvil minecraft:anvil 145
Bedrock minecraft:bedrock 7
Bed (Bed_Block) minecraft:bed 26
Brewing Stand minecraft:brewing_stand 117
Burning Furnace minecraft:lit_furnace 62
Chest minecraft:chest 54
Diamond Ore minecraft:diamond_ore 56
Dispenser minecraft:dispenser 23
Emerald Ore minecraft:emerald_ore 129
Enchantment Table minecraft:enchanting_table 116
Ender Chest minecraft:ender_chest 130
Furnace minecraft:furnace 61
Gold Block minecraft:gold_block 41
Hopper minecraft:hopper 154
Jukebox minecraft:jukebox 84
Monster Spawner minecraft:mob_spawner 52
Note Block minecraft:noteblock 25
Trapped Chest minecraft:trapped_chest 146
Workbench (Crafting Table) minecraft:crafting_table 58

Known Bugs

Occasionally, when surrounded by many blocks which are normally obfuscated, such as a large storage room, the plugin has a hard time keeping up with all of the blocks that a player can see and displays some of them as stone blocks. This is only a visual glitch, however, and players can still interact with their obfuscated blocks. Usually, right clicking on an obfuscated block will reveal whether it is just stone or a hidden block. This is the primary visual bug associated with Orebfuscator.

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