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GodProtus, god of protection and defence
Region of influenceIria, Concordia
ReligionMinor semi-polytheistic belief

Chestplatism is a minor religious belief in Iria focusing on the worship of the god Protus and his holy artifacts, the Holy Chestplates.


A rare photo of the Holy Chestplates dating back to June 2015, in Iria.

According to Chestplatist belief, Protus, god of armour, reinforcement, and fortifications created the Holy Chestplates, artifacts that bring protection to the places that they are located. The Chestplates were discovered in the mountains of Iria during mid-2015. The Chestplates were initially used as a prize for a horse race, given to the Irian citizen Akele, then known as OfUnknown. The Irian citizen Magmus managed to acquire the Chestplates, and seeing them as holy, placed them in Iria's Cathedral of Saint Castulus. The Irians prayed to the Chestplates during their times of need, such as during the Ragnarok of late 2015.

After 2.0 ended, most Irians forgot about the Chestplates. However, Protus began speaking to Magmus, revealing the origins of the Chestplates. According to Protus, the Chestplates were hidden across the new world of 3.0. Magmus originally planned to make a group in Concordia, the Order of the Holy Chestplates, to recover them. During Civtemp, he built a church in Concordia, and nearly converted a few of the Concordians. Eventually, though, Magmus left Concordia, and the church was abandoned. Magmus joined multiple groups during the rest of Civtemp, first joining the Dark Empire and then Yoahtl, who he joined when 3.0 started, and nearly built a temple dedicated to their pagan beliefs.

Yoahtl soon fell into decline, and so Magmus left for the new Iria, in the forests of Tjikko. It was in Iria that Magmus remembered Protus and the Chestplates. He built a small shrine north of Iria, and planned to grow his religion among the Irians, and finally establish the Order of the Holy Chestplates.

The Chestplatist chuch of Old Alexandria, capital of Concordia during CivTemp.