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CivWiki has various policies and guidelines which guide how to edit CivWiki.

In a nutshell, CivWiki defers to Wikipedia policies. There are some exceptions, since CivWiki is not Wikipedia.

Defer to Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been around for more than two decades and has encountered almost every possible combination of circumstances or editing conflicts, and has developed an extensive set of policies that make for a good encyclopedia (of which CivWiki is one). Replicating this collection of policies alone on CivWiki would be an enormous effort. When CivWiki has nothing new to add, we will not state a policy at all, and instead simply defer to the relevant Wikipedia policy.

This includes policies like Wikipedia's Manual of Style, naming conventions, and policy on consensus, to name a few.

In short: in the absence of a CivWiki policy to the contrary, assume that the relevant Wikipedia policy holds.

CivWiki is not Wikipedia

Although CivWiki defers to Wikipedia, CivWiki is not Wikipedia, and has different requirements and needs. While Wikipedia is a general encyclopedia, CivWiki documents a very narrow genre of Minecraft servers, and caters to a smaller base of readers. For instance, CivWiki can assume readers are familiar with certain mechanics of vanilla Minecraft, where Wikipedia cannot.

Sometimes, these different needs means that CivWiki policies will be different from, or contain exceptions to, Wikipedia policies. As one example, CivWiki's notability policy is significantly looser than Wikipedia's, which is a result of the smaller base of readers and increased interest in documenting one's own history among those readers.

Notability (nations)

While CivWiki is not Wikipedia, nations must still meet a bare minimum of coverage to be notable. A nation is notable if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The nation has (or had) a significant physical presence on the server, for a moderate amount of time. That is, not necessarily a bustling city, but more than a few simple houses and small farms.
  • The nation has (or had) a substantial influence on server-wide geopolitics for a moderate amount of time. This includes nations that were substantially involved in a conflict that was itself notable. (Compare similar notability exceptions carved out in WP:1E).
  • The nation would have been widely recognized by the average player of the server for a moderate amount of time. "Average" here means the average player who regularly logged in or regularly read the subreddit. It is not necessarily only players who spent large amounts of time logged in to the server, or only players who regularly engaged in discussions.

The final clause is intended to be a catchall exception that, while more difficult to apply, allows for nations that were widely known to players at the time (but perhaps without significant physical presence) to be notable under CivWiki.