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Bgism is a religion created by WackyAki, bgbba and Mightyoddish as a parody of many people's belief that Yoahtl was a cult of personality surrounding bgbba. While bgbba was fairly popular in Yoahtl at the time, it was far from a cult of personality. The religion was founded on November 2nd, 2018 and persists until the current day.



Bgbba joined Yoahtl at the SOTW (Start Of The World), and quickly became a popular figure within the nation. Following St. Leibowitz's stepping down and Bgbba's rise as the Alcuahtl of Yoahtl, he began presenting as the public face of Yoahtl. Over the years, this presentation and summary defense of bg in discords and the subreddit from other Yoahtlans, created the impression of a cult around Bg.

As a result, during a November 2nd voice chat in Yoahtl, WackyAki expressed his frustration at peoples attribution of Yoahtl as a cult of Bg, and at the joking urging of Feathercrown, created Bgism. At first, bg disliked the religion, partially because he thought it was unironic and partially because he didn't want the undue attention, but soon began to play into the joke

Growth of Bgism

Neotide, upon seeing a Bgism channel start in the Yoahtl discord, decided to ignore the channel rather than hear its teachings.

Initially, WackyAki was the only follower of Bgism, spreading the word in Yoahtl's discord and In-Game chat. Bgbba awarded WackyAki with the title "Holy Oof of Bgism", similar to a Pope, and tasked him with the goal of disseminating bgposts to the rest of the server. The first convert is MightyOddish, who began writing texts in the style of Warhammer40k religious texts. Other citizens soon followed in believing in Bgism, and they spread in game books with bgposts in them throughout the server.

The Holy Temple of Bg

One of the first goals that Holy Oof Aki had was the construction of a temple dedicated to Bgism, and a site was planned near the Grand Overland Rail, but Bgbba himself told Aki not to build it, without giving a reason as to why. During the 2nd gathering of Bg supporters, it was determined that once the GOR is completed and is the primary rail system on the server, his holy mission will be complete and the temple can be built as planned.

Tenants of Bgism

1. All followers of Bgism should take aboveground rails as a means of transit whenever possible

Bgbba is a lover of rail transit, and has been the primary architect and surveyor for the GOR, so all followers should take his lead and take rails where applicable. There are exemptions for this, as military or urgent affairs can also take the ice roads constructed at Bg's behest.

2. No E-Lawyering

Bgbba has, on multiple accounts, found that elawyers are generally unproductive and detract from the community of civclassics, therefore it's encouraged that the followers of Bgism ignore or reject the temptation of elawyering. There are exceptions to this, however. Gdan12, noted elawyer, has been cited as a fantastic person who uses elawyering as a tool rather than a weapom

3. G posting is encouraged


The logo for the GOR, designed by Yoahtlan architect XCStar

4. Never trap the GOR

In light of NATO using the GOR as a trap zone to attack and pearl Mirian fighters, Bgbba himself said that thw GOR and other rails should be used for transit only, never as a weapon of war

5. Never switch off powered rails

Don't turn off the powered rail on the GOR

6. Always upvote Bgposts

Bgposts are the word from our profit to the unwashed masses, and must be upvoted to ensure they are seen.