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Debobrato Mukherjee[1][2][3] (born May 12, 2022) is an Mirian actor,[citation needed] and full time Civ nerd. He is known for his versatility and contributions to various fields of Minecraft PvP. Mukherjee gained prominence for his acting roles in films such as Creepers deserve love (2018)[4], Hallow was right (2018), ChrisChrispie (2020), Nether Fires (2018).[5]

Debobrato Mukherjee
Image Of Debobrato Mukherjee
Skin of the Minecraft account Scammer
Personal Info
Known ForSpamming wikis and playing Minecraft
Main ResidenceAny old vault
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
WebsiteDebabrata Mukherjee

Early life and education

Debobrato Mukherjee was born on May 12, 2022, in Sneg, Imperial Federation.[6] He displayed an interest in clicking from a young age and actively participated in making Minecraft compilations. Alongside his passion for gaming, Mukherjee developed a keen interest in stealing diamonds from children.[7] He dedicated his free time to reading and experimenting with vault design. Mukherjee pursued his education in shittery and was recognized for his low intelligence, including discord pvp and general toxicity. After reading a CivWiki page on obby bombers, he enrolled in a course to refine his skills and continued to explore the field of griefing, eventually becoming an expert in the domain.[8]


Mukherjee's career encompasses playing Minecraft and crying. He gained recognition for his acting prowess in films like Creepers deserve love, Notch is my dad, and NATO returns. Simultaneously, Mukherjee established himself as an accomplished ethical nerd, working with renowned clickers such as specificlanguage, Parker, and Citylion. His expertise in digital marketing has helped numerous civ businesses optimize their CivMC sales.


  • Successful acting career, with notable roles in Creepers deserve love, Notch is my dad, and Cult of WingZero.
  • Only pearled twice, expert at paying reps.
  • Expertise in copy pasting into any wiki they can find on google.
  • Inspirational figure, influencing others to not do anything Debobrato does.


  • "Cult of WingZero" (2022)[9]
  • "Curse of the newfriend claims" (2022)[10]
  • "Big Booty" (2017)[11]
  • "Civ War 2: ButtSeks" (2019)[12][13]

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