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This page covers the history of various ethnically Astonian nations and their related context, across three different servers.

CivEx: First Light

Respubliko of Arlington

Main article: Republic of Arlington

SinjoroJoCrafter logged into CivEx in December 2018 ~ January 2019. He stayed in the nation of Astoria for a few days before moving on to the jungle/taiga region known as the Gelie.

He made his way to a river mouth and set about constructing a small town on the riverbank, with mossy cobblestone walls and relatively rudimentary buildings. He originally wanted to name this nation Astonia like his later creations but decided against the name due to its similarity to Astoria. Therefore he decided to name it Arlington after his hometown, and made claims[1]. Unbenownst to him, another person had the same idea, V-NAF_Aardist, who founded and claimed the town of "New Fiume"[2]. Eventually after negotiations the proto-town of New Fiume joined the Respubliko of Arlington[3].

20 Minute War

20 Minute War
DateJanuary 27th, 2019, 8:34-8:51 AM CST[4][5]
Result Resolved diplomatically, status quo ante bellum[5]
Astonia Republic of Arlington  Columbia
Commanders and leaders
  • Columbia Kdeeks
  • Columbia Hamboy_jr
  • Casualties and losses
    1 cobblestone structure (actual assailant unknown)[4] a stack of wheat, more or less[4]

    Someone near the northern borders of Arlington griefed a cobblestone building, one that was originally part of the pre-town of New Fiume. Given its proximity to Arlington's border with Columbia, SinjoroJoCrafter and V-NAF_Aardist assumed that the Columbians must have been responsible. After reaching out to Columbian PM Hamboy_jr and Emperor Kdeeks and getting no response from either, Arlington declared war.[4] After Arlington took no more actions than stealing some wheat[4] and Hamboy_jr contacted Arlington frantically, Arlington rescinded its declaration around 20 minutes later.[5] It was still unknown who had griefed the actual structure.

    Arlingtonian Religious Life in the Period

    The Arlingtonians of this period followed the Holy Tree religion, a religion that worshipped a massive tree situated halfway between Astoria and Arlington. They additionally supported the Church of the Holy Tree when the tree was griefed by SwiftFizz, Saren_Solaris, NeoTide, and Reyme_Vol, members of Bastion.[6]

    Frankonian Sack of Arlington

    The emperor of Frankonia, later Brittania, Jshatney, contacted SinjoroJoCrafter to notify him one of his citizens, Gabrielgabriel1, had allegedly stolen a horse from Frankonia. After questioning it was determined internally no one had stolen any horses from Frankonia, and Jo sent a message back to that effect.

    Unfortunately, Jshatney was unwilling to hear this answer, and threatened invasion if the Arlingtonians did not return his horse. However, having stolen no horse and therefore having no horse to return, they were unable to comply with his demand. Jshatney therefore invaded Arlington, sacking the city.

    The Long March

    Jshatney imposed a humiliating peace treaty on the Arlingtonians, essentially stripiing their autonomy to that of a Frankonian vassal state. SinjoroJoCrafter and the other leadership refused to accept this loss of autonomy and intimidation by Frankonia, but could not fight the Frankonians. Thus the Arlingtonians collectively made the difficult decision to navigate north from the Gelie to the uninhabited, unclaimed, and treacherous Glass Wastes, making a stop off in Astoria along the way.

    Government Reorganization

    As they arrived in the new capital city of New Arlington, the citizens of Arlington, the citizens demanded reorganization of the government, which was complied with the replacement of SinjoroJoCrafter as chief and de-facto monarch with a rotating chiefdom council of 3 citizens but that always also included SinjoroJoCrafter. The government was renamed to the Unitary People's Republic of Arlington to reflect its new pseudo-socialist design.

    Unitary People's Republic of Arlington

    Dispute with CCC

    The land of New Arlington turned out to have not been as unclaimed as the Arlingtonians believed, as a small portion of their claim intersected the claims of the Comrades of the Claw Company, a corporation made up of representatives from various other CivEx nations for Glass Wastes development. SinjoroJoCrafter ordered all constructions inside Arlington's claims that did not belong to Arlington destroyed, which caught the attention of Owain_X, a representative of the CCC.[7] After careful negotations, the border was fixed so both parties would not run into each other in the Glass Wastes.[8]

    Glass Wastes War

    Arlingtonian Civil War
    DateFebruary 4 - 9, 2019
    New Arlington City and "Jo Island", Republic of Arlington
    Result Government pyrrhic victory
    New Arlington City temporarily occupied by rebels, later reclaimed
    Astonia Republic of Arlington Loyalists Fiumein Rebels
    Commanders and leaders
  • V-NAF_Aardist
  • LLE2 (defected)
  • GabrielGabriel1 (defected)
  • Strength

    Early Coup: 2 loyalists, 1 mercenary

    Late Coup: 5-7 citizens

    Early Coup: 4-5 rebels

    Late Coup: 1 rebel
    Casualties and losses

    - Item stocks destroyed by mutiny

    - 2-3 deaths (not by rebels)
    - 4-5 deaths (mostly by mercenaries)

    V-NAF_Aardist, now a co-chief of Arlington, decided that the leadership and soft power of SinjoroJoCrafter as de-facto cultural leader was too powerful, and began a coup to end his legal and cultural power. Initially he gained support however the coup hit a snag when SinjoroJoCrafter simply left the city to his private offshore artificial island base, unofficially dubbed Jo Island. As Aardist did not know where Jo Island was and no one had groups for it except Jo, the coup essentially faltered. SinjoroJoCrafter formally conceded his 'founder' role, which gave him power over the proceedings of the government even if he was no longer a chief, but maintained Discord ownership despite Aardist and others' protests that this made the rotating councillor positions pointless.

    The dynamic of the conflict changed when JTheGoldenHeart, a mercenary who SinjoroJoCrafter had brought into Arlington and CivEx to help him maintain control over New Arlington went rouge, attacking both the rebellious Arlingtonians and Jo Island simultaneously. This caused everyone except Aardist to forget about the coup attempts and issues in leadership to unite against the raider. Having seen his support collapsed, V-NAF_Aardist quit CivEx but not before making a quitting post scathing SinjoroJoCrafter's leadership[9], describing the conflict in biased terms.

    Decline of Arlington and End of CivEx

    Despite having won the civil war and regaining control over Arlington, the activity and development of New Arlington began to wane. Unidentified raiders raided New Arlington's already meager food supplies, causing the city to need to ration food and beginning to hemorrhage players. Arlington officially dissolved as a state when CivEx: First Light fell to essentially zero activity sometime in March of 2019.

    CivClassics: Part 1

    First State of Astonia

    When SinjoroJoCrafter first joined CivClassics, he settled on a small swamp island that on the CCMap appeared to be unclaimed, and made a reddit post[10], and got to building a nation.

    However, he was unaware that he had settled in an unenforced claim of a much larger nation called Adina.

    Adinan Rule of Astonia

    Second State of Astonia

    War of Independence and Exile

    Involvement in New Sovia Civil War

    I don't recognize the legitimacy of the government which operates on TNT bombing itself.[11] - Mickale


    Third State of Astonia

    Fourth State of Astonia & Free City of Arlington

    Fifth State of Astonia

    Unrecognized Sixth State of Astonia


    Move to Moloka

    Athai Quarter

    CivClassics: Part II


    Beginning of Jolington and Home Depot War

    Magnasoria Crisis and collapse of NWO

    Kaltstadt League and dispute with Kallos

    Protectorate Period

    ASCF Period and CivClassic EOTW


    Seventh State of Astonia