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The City of Algrave
• Head of City
MottoBuilt by pearlies for pearlies

Algrave is a Nether city at 0,0 on CivMC.


Private Property

The city is against private property (both land and resources) and encourages citizens to make a surplus of goods to make currency and social class a useless social construct. Reinforcement is legal as long as every citizen has access to the reinforcement group to prevent raiding. Foreign trade is legal as long as all profit from the trade goes to the community bank.


The city is ideologically similar to the Transport Union in that it seeks to connect belter settlements. However, the likelihood of a fresh belter spawning near a nether settlement or ceiling tunnel is unlikely. Thus, the city seeks to build roads all over the nether to provide fresh belters a way to get to Algrave. The roads are mandated to be three-wide polished basalt with a nether brick slab border. Road inclines can either be 50% grade with a nether brick slab border or 100% grade with a nether brick stair border. The border is for walking since it will not decrease hunger (starvation is a problem in the nether), and the basalt is for future rails to be layed.



BioGrave produces stems, vines, wart, bonemeal, xp, charcoal, chicken, and dirt. Stems, vines, and wart are made from their respective farms, which are then used to make basic xp. Wart blocks produced from the stem farms are composted for bonemeal, which is then used to make nylium and fungus for another stem planting. Charcoal is crafted into a campfire, and campfires are broken for two charcoal. However, this method of doubling charcoal will be obsolete when a charcoal factory is made. Dirt is made by combining dirt with gravel to make coarse dirt and then using a hoe or shovel on the coarse dirt, which doubles the dirt. Bone blocks and dirt can be used to make a bio factory. Bio factories can be used to turn ice into water buckets, which can then be used for brewing. Icenian MotokoKusanagi has a debbie-to-ice exchange, which makes brewing in the belt easier. Grass blocks (there is a grass patch in Algrave) can be bonemealed to produce grass, and grass can be broken to get seeds. Thus, chicken farming is possible in the belt.


Kennudy's is a brewery made by Generic War veteran kennudy and currently maintained by hekghlkegh. Water is either obtained by crafting ice to water buckets in a bio factory or trading gold for water bottles with piglins. Bottles are crafted from glass after smelting soul sand into glass in a basic smelter.


GraveStone produces stone, cobblestone, blackstone, diorite, andesite, granite, gold, quartz, iron, and debris. Blackstone, gold, and quartz can be obtained through basic mining. Cobblestone can be crafted into stone in a basic smelter, and the stone can be mined into cobblestone to create an infinite amount of stone. Cobblestone and quartz are used to craft diorite, cobblestone and diorite are used to craft andesite, and diorite and quartz are used to craft granite. Debbies can be mined with acid. Iron can be traded for gold with piglins.

Notable Structures

Algrave Stadium

Algrave Stadium is a hockey stadium home to the Algrave Rackbombers.

Algrave Mosque

Algrave Mosque is a mosque built by Generic War veterans. Players _Excalibur, MyLittleAk47, ThePayman, and 0_____________0 can be seen praying in this video.

References In Popular Media

Wish I Was Free was a 1975 song released by Pink Floyd about pearled life:

So, so you think you can tell
Overworld from the Belt?
Blue skies from bedrock?
Can you tell a wart field
From a soul sand hell?
A shitter from a civva?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade
Your debbies for coal?
Blaze rods for trees?
Pearls for dimmies?
Gold ingots for iron?
Did you exchange
Walking in Gang Shi
For a lead role in Algrave?

How I wish, how I wish I was free
I'm just a pearled shitter soul
Digging nether tunnels
Month after month
Running over the same old rack
That I mined
Stop fueling my pearl
Wish I was free

Algrave Rant was a famous speech given by American musician and public speaker Charles Manson:

I don't wanna waste my time going to inyalowda. I got a horse and a respawn anchor and ten or fifteen factories. What the hell I wanna go off to inyalowda for? Inyalowda for what? Dimmies? I got all the debbies in the world. I'm the king, man. I run the belt, guy. I decide who shits and where they shit at. What am I gonna run around like some newfriend somewhere for someone else's dimmies? I make the XP man. I roll the debbies. The belt is mine. I deal the sentences.