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The Valyrian Triumvirate
The Draconic Tricolor
Location(-5000, -5900)
Activity levelActive as of October 19, 2022
Capital cityValyria City
National Colors
• Triumvirs
Doommad, Sircapalot
Foundation dateDecember 18th, 2018
Preceded by Valyria
MottoAut consilio, aut ense
MascotValyrian Dragon

The Valyrian Triumvirate, commonly referred to as Valyria, is an anocratic CivMC nation on led by Triumvirs Doommad, Sircapalot, and formerly C4Mmo. Located in the (-, -) quadrant, Valyria borders Bloom (Icenia) and Southshire in the south, Petrichor in the north, Icenia (CivMC) in the east, and the world border in the west.

Consisted of returning Valyrians, members of Canada 4.0, as well as immigrants from other CivClassic nations, the Valyrian Triumvirate follows an eponymous triumvirate governmental structure with three heads-of-state serving with no term limits.



The formation of a new Valyria on CivMC began 2-3 months prior to the Start of the World. Towards the end of CivClassic, C4Mmo, an oldfriend and former official of Bloom, was planning to found his own nation on a new iteration but doubted if he could create something that met his standard. During a rail connection at the Bloom railway station, C4Mmo would encounter Doommad, the founder of Valyria and its sovereign. After several conversations, the two struck up a quick friendship based on mutual aspirations and passions in Civ. When C4Mmo returned to CivClassic in September 2021, he would choose to join Valyria, which had become a constituent of Columbia by that time, and quickly rose through the ranks of government.

After the CivClassic End of the World, Valyria would go on a hiatus while awaiting the launch of CivMC. During this time, C4Mmo would invite Sircapalot, a fellow former Bloomian, to join Valyria on the new iteration. By the time CivMC Start of the World was a week away, the two had been planning for weeks for the server's release and the future of Valyria, and when the question of the identity of the last Triumvir came into question, Sircapalot would be nominated for the role.

Pre-RI/USA War




Post RI/USA War


Valyria-Temporal Isles War

On the 16th of January, PhysicsGamer and Kallos declared war on Valyria over Dr_Bacon_Hair being removed from Valyria's nether portal. more to be added later