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Silangan SA's logo

Silangan Sport Association is a sport club situated in the district of Silangan, Lambat city. IceBoy is the current president.


  • Inverted's Coloseum Arena. (Currently being built). Coloseum will serve as the teams ground, named after InvertedMind and built by IceBoy and Jnlz_. Banyough and InvertedMind has also contributed.
  • Silangan Stadium. (Planned). Gonna serve as extra-arena and training place for all sportsmen in the club. Also going to serve as storehouse.
  • Silangan SA headquarters. (Planned). This is gonna be the headquarters.
  • Kaprebourough-Bender facility. (Planned). Going to serve as TSCB headquarters and storehouse.


  • Silangan Snakes Hockey Club (Hockey), situated in the headquarters.
  • Silangan PvP club (PvP), situated in the headquarters.
  • Silangan Parkour club (Parkour), situated in the headquarters.
  • Silangan Race Clubs (All types of Racing), situated in the headquarters.
  • Traditional Sports club Bender (TSCB) (Traditional and holiday sports), situated in Bender, KB.
  • Silangan Administrative Organ (things that dosent have to do with sport), situated in the headquarters).